Friday, May 18, 2018


I'm sorry I'm late with my post, I totally thought today was Thursday. It must be a glitch in my brain.
  • my pooch still has a hot spot on her leg and it's not healing the way it should
  • dad is not doing good. Pozitive vibes are still very much appreciated.
  • I'm painting again. You should get some more exciting eye candy that is not ATC (artist trading cards) soon

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  1. Oh poor puppy. Those hot spots are awful. I've been gone for a couple months. I will send positive and healing vibes to your dad. Glad you are creating again. Doesn't it feel great? Happy PPF! Hugz, Rasz

  2. Cute pieces! Sending good wishes your way for all.

  3. Gorgeous doggies, sorry about that sore spot. Enjoy your painting. Happy PPF

  4. Too much stress makes our brain fuzzy. Your paintings are to cute. I have a bichon with four very sore paws and I know that is no fun, Lets hope for a better week ahead. Happy PPF

  5. Your dogs are so cute! Continuing to send prayers for your father! Big Hugs!


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