Friday, May 4, 2018

characters from TV shows

Some of the characters I was asked to draw. YouTube sensation Miranda Sings, Jasmine Garza from TV show Continuum and Hannibal from TV show Hannibal.

I'm happy to report I did not pee my pants last week zip-lining. :) I did close my eyes in the beginning because I felt a bit overwhelmed with the speed of it. It was a fun thing to do.

I realized though that I'm not as daring as I used to be. I was always the one to try all the rides in the amusement parks. No ride scared me until I tried the free fall. That one was the first time I had to close my eyes at the beginning because I got overwhelmed.

Although I never got to try it, I wanted to go bungee jumping and skydiving but the older I get the less appealing it is to me. I'm sure I'll never go bungee jumping because of all the accidents I've heard about over the time but I might still go skydiving. Who knows?!

What's the most daring thing you've done so far? What's on your bucket list?

P.S. I opened a SHOP here on my blog. I'm selling some of my "big hair ladies" paintings. Go and check them out! :)

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Zip Lining
    Nice characters today. The lady with the red lipstick is stunning
    Happy PPF

    much love...

  2. Wow! You're sooo brave, Natasha! I think I would have done more than just pee my pants. hahahaha Good luck with your new shop. Your big hair ladies are awesome.

  3. I love your art you already know that. I am happy you did not pee your pants. I too would love to skydive.

  4. I had to laugh about your comments concerning the Zip Line! I feel the exact same way these days. I love your artwork--those faces are really well done.

  5. I don't think I am the adventurous type, lol However I did check off my list "become a stencil designer" recently so that was major for me...

  6. You're much braver than I am, I can't go on any fast rides!! Happy PPF!

  7. Glad you didn't pee your pants! LOL!
    Love your character drawings!
    I don't know if there is anything on my bucket list that is daring? LOL!
    Big Hugs!


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