Friday, April 27, 2018


  • Allergies suck! My eyes itch and I'm sneezing like crazy.
  • The kid caught a cold or something. His nose is running and he threw up one night.
  • Big pooch developed a hot spot due to allergies as well and it's taking it's sweet time to heal. She's still wearing that protective collar so she doesn't lick it. It's been 3 weeks now that she has it on.
  • On a positive note, I'm going zip-lining today with my friend. I'll let you know, if I peed my pants in the process of it. :)
P.S. I opened a SHOP here on my blog. I'm selling some of my "big hair ladies" paintings. Go and check them out! :)

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  1. Love the mushroom paintings! I'm interested in hearing how the ziplining went.

  2. These are sweet little fungi.

    If i get sneezing, itchy eyes, I use Bach Rescue Remedy. Usually stops it. Might have to use it again 20 min. later. That stuff is handy for so many things!

  3. Zip-lining! What fun! Hope you feel better. Your toadstools are charming!

  4. I lvoe your cheerful mushrooms :) Happy PPF from No 23 :D

  5. There's something so enchanting about mushrooms--and about your drawing too!

    I hope you had a GREAT time at the Zipline! Heehee... And that you and your pooch are feeling better.

  6. Sooooooooooooo cute your mushroom house. Hope you feel better soon


    much love...

  7. Lovely mushroom paintings! I've been ziplining once it wasn't too bad.

  8. Your mushroom is adorable!! I used to have mushroom canisters in the 70's they were so cute!!

    Peace Giggles

  9. Yes allergies do suck. I would love to zip line. The mushroom is so cute.

  10. lol, they arrive early this season. :) Love your creations

  11. Love your mushrooms! So cute!
    Sorry about the allergies! Hope your son is better! I also hope you had a great time zip-lining! No peeing your pants! LOL!
    Big Hugs!


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