Friday, February 23, 2018

Balloons RR

This Round Robin is from 2015 actually and I had it saved on the blog as draft but somehow forgot to publish it. But here it is today.

I started the set with the balloons, DeepDarkHana added the sky and Tandy finished it with the building.

Here's a story for you featuring balloons and my kid. We went shopping one day last December and while going back to the car the wind picked up and almost blew away bread out of the shopping cart. At the same time, it blew away the kid’s balloon he was holding. He started screaming and crying and I didn’t know why because he never reacted like that before. I grabbed the kid’s arm to keep him from running under a car while holding the shopping cart because it was running sideways. Mom was holding onto bread with one hand while pushing the cart and couldn’t handle the whole thing.

An older gentleman heard the kid crying and saw the balloon so he started chasing it. Unfortunately, it went under a parked car and he helped me figure out how to get it out. I was looking for something like a stick when three elderly ladies that owned the car came back. One of them had just bought an umbrella and lend it to me so I could get the balloon out from under the car.

The whole time I had my mom hold onto the crying and screaming kid, so he wouldn’t get run over. When everything was over, one of the ladies said she thought something horrible happened because of all the commotion the kid was causing. No, just a runaway balloon and a (then still) 2 year old. That’s all.

P.S. Thank you for the condolences and birthday wishes.

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  1. How nice of her to lend you her new umbrella.Good for the kid to get his balloon back.

  2. Aww everyone loves a happy ending!
    Happy PPF to you :D

  3. Ha! A nice ending! I can remember the tragedy of blown away balloons with my own kids, LOL.

  4. Wonderful balloons and the story is wonderful. Should be published. I can picture the entire thing. Keeping you in my prayers.

  5. Great balloon art and a wonderful "rescued balloon" story 🎈

    Happy PPF 🎨

  6. I haven’t stopped thinking about you all week....😞 hope you are going can give us crazy moments right Natasha...I am mum to 6 and not a day dgo s by where it could be a little Illo An day story...😘 xxx

  7. Lovely balloons! I bet the child was all-smiles when he got his balloons back! :-)

  8. Great balloons! So glad the little one got his balloon back. The "twos" is truly the hardest time both for moms and for tots. The most fun time is the three year olds. You have some really fun and exciting times to look forward to as 3 year olds are little sponges. They seem to absorb so much in that year. So glad you had help retrieving the balloon and a mom along to make sure the little one was OK.

  9. You have been in my prayers my friend!
    I love your balloon story! It's great and I love your balloon art!
    Big Hugs!

  10. I went back to your last post and was about to wish you a happy birthday when I read about your hubby. My body reacted in shock. Im so sorry your loss...your balloon story was all too familiar with any parent who's toddler was attatched to their balloon that flew away! Take care Natasha.

    Peace Giggles

  11. I love seeing balloons flying in the air.


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