Friday, January 26, 2018

Wizard of Oz

When was the last time you've seen Wizard of Oz? I honestly can't recall. It must've been in elementary school. I never read the book though.

It's funny how some things stay in your memory and others don't. In researching to make these ATCs for a swap, I can't recall I ever saw the Jack Pumpkinhead character. In the middle it's Glinda the good witch and of course Dorothy and Toto.

I remember watching a documentary or something where it showed Judy Garland behind the scenes as Dorothy and how extra she had to act to satisfy director's vision. I guess that's an evolution of movies. I can't watch even my favorite movies from 20 years ago because the acting is so bad. It's all more realistic these days.

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  1. I loved the music when I was a kid but hated the scary parts! Not a movie I'd watch over again...however sound of music I would! Sweet characters you created!

    Peace Giggles

  2. Last fall I went to the Land of Oz here in NC, and to prepare I rented not only the movie but all the behind the scene commentaries, it was awesome! I loved learning more in depth about how the movie was made, I learned so much! Did you ever see my post where I painted my tennis shoes for the trip?

  3. I don't remember a pumpkinhead either. Very nice pieces of a long ago movie (and book)

  4. I actually watched it a few weeks ago on TCM. I have always loved that movie. Great representation of the movie but there isn't a pumpkin head. LOL

  5. Witches and wonders :-)

    Happy PPF

  6. Oh, your Wizard of Oz portraits are just wonderful! What a great illustration piece! Baum's books were a favorite of mine and my daughter's when she was small and of course everyone loves the movie! Have a great week.

  7. I love your Wizard of Oz paintings! I don't remember a Pumpkinhead? You are right, the movies have changed so much! Big Hugs!

  8. Beautiful ATCs! There was no pumpkin head in the version I saw as a child. He looks a bit creepy so I think I am glad! lol


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