Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Foxes

How freaking cute is this Round Robin set? I love it. MissM started the set with the right fox, I added the left one and BexMadeMe finished with the rest.

It's December and I wanted to make this month more fun for my kid. I wrote down activities to do together each day of the month and put them in a jar for the kid to pull out every day. Of course I'm going to adapt it to the events we have scheduled already. The idea was to do special things that we don't normally do.

One of those was to put together a bookcase so we can organize his books and toys. Unfortunately I ordered it on line and it came earlier than expected. Because I couldn't curb his excitement, we had to put it together before 1st Dec. So, here we were on Wednesday morning before I even brushed my teeth or washed my face, putting together a bookcase in our PJs.

On Thursday, we put together my new office chair. He loves helping out even though he gets in a way and has his own ideas where stuff should go. Now I have to think up new activities to fill out two days in December.

Today we're going to a nearby town to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Hopefully the weather's not too bad. It's been snowing since Wednesday.

What are your doing this December? Anything special?

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  1. The foxes are really cute and the colors so vibrant! Putting together furniture with kids is actually quite fun. Looks like you have a nice December planned. Enjoy!

  2. What a neat round robin bit of art! We haven't had snow yet. I am hoping we will have a mild winter, but I do enjoy December.

  3. It's just adorable! Love the foxes!

  4. How clever of all of you. The foxes are delightful!

  5. These are darling! I love to draw foxes too. :D

  6. Oh these foxes are so adorable, I just love their sweet faces!! Its so fun to do things with kids in December. I used to love making ornaments with mine. Enjoy!!

    Peace Giggles

  7. These are adorable! The holiday season can be very hectic, and we set high goals for ourselves!

  8. Love those foxes!! So cute!! Have a great month! Big Hugs!

  9. Foxes (Wolves) are a favorite. I adopted this December .. .a Kittah. Being a dog person, this is a real stretch. Blessings, Janet


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