Friday, November 3, 2017

Witch's cauldron

I started this Round Robin  with the border and spiderweb, Miss M added the cauldron and LucyMC finished it with the witch.

Another week flew by and I forgot again to post. I usually wait for something to happen by Thursday so I can talk about it here on Friday. But if nothing interesting happens I tend to forget to post.

Nevertheless, hope everyone had fun for Halloween. Someone asked me on previous post where I'm from since we don't really celebrate Halloween and I'm from Slovenia, Europe. We do have a lot more events for Halloween than we used to in previous years. Even for kids. But we don't dress the kids in costumes.

We did take the kid to a ranch on Halloween to see some animals and play a bit on the playground they have for kids. Because it was a special event there were a lot of kids and that much more fun. The kid enjoyed himself.

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  1. Well done, the round robin results are wonderful. Happy PPF!

  2. Nice one NaTasha. Happy PPF


  3. you really have a nice collaboration going with your round robin art-love it! Happy PPF!

  4. Beauitful art collab..gorgeous witchy vibe, totally love it!
    happy PPF
    Victoria #17

  5. I love this one so much!!!! Thank you for sharing where you are from. Slovenia. I Don't know much about your country but now I will do some research. I am from the state of Oregon, on the west coast of the USA Happy weekend.

  6. great the round robin results!
    Happy weekend

  7. Very Halloween like. love it. Thank you for letting us know where you are from. I have never been. I lived in the Netherlands for a bit and they did not really do Halloween like the do in the USA, which is where I am from.:)

  8. This is a cool art piece!!! Love this round robin!!!


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