Friday, November 24, 2017


I've been remembering my dreams lately. I've had a period of time when I woke up without knowing what I dreamed or if I dreamed at all. These days I remember some weird dreams.

One day I was on a train and just stepped out on that step before you hit the ground and the train closed the doors and sped off with me holding onto it. It went into a tunnel and there were cats in it.

Another day, I dreamed about cleaning my ears with a q-tip and then had cotton bud stuck in my ear. I was pulling that stuff out forever but got it out eventually.

Yesterday I dreamed about being in a shallow river and telling my hubby not to lose his wallet when he sat on a pool floaty to go with the river flow.

Do you remember your dreams? What kind of dreams have you been having lately?

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  1. Dreamt of long thin garden last night with no flowers! Love your Dorothy

  2. Your Dorothy is fantastic. I love her braids. Some of the times I do remember my dreams for a little while after I wake up.

  3. Sweet Dorothy! I don't think I dream, or if I do, I don't remember so I envy those who can. My husband has some wild cops and robbers type adventure dreams. Happy PPF

  4. Sometimes i remember dream. Lately there are any i remember.
    Very nice painting today. Happy PPF


  5. I do remember my dreams, and in my dreams I see clearly, in real life I am legally blind,, I paint from memories in my minds eye so that's like wakeful dreams lol, thank you for sharing your dreams and your beautiful painting,,

  6. I have lots of dreams, sometimes I WILL dream the same thing every night. Thanks for sharing

  7. I love your Dorothy!!
    This is what I think of your dreams, #1- Lots of change going on!!
    #2- You are not listening!!! LOL!
    #3- Don't worry, go with the flow!
    Just my take on them! LOL!
    Yes, I do remember my dreams and sometimes, they can be very vivid. It is your subconscious telling you things!
    Big Hugs!


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