Friday, October 20, 2017

Plague Doctor

I think it's near enough to Halloween that it's acceptable to post more Halloween-y art.

My kid loves the play/gym thingy we go twice a week but I have to be there with him. It amazes me how other kids are just dropped off and they're totally fine with it.

Last week my kid witnessed a dad dropping off his little boy at the junior firefighter training and my kid was baffled. He was like, where's the dad going, he just left him here.

Oh well, now I'm complaining the kid doesn't want to do anything without me. In a couple of years I'll be complaining that the kid doesn't want to do anything with me.

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  1. The title for this fits it perfectly. He looks very sinister.

  2. that is halloween art, great!!!

    the saying with your child at the end is good

    Happy weekend

  3. Very nice piece of art. I think Halloween art is appropriate any time of the year. LOL

  4. Cute art. I think it will be more than a couple of years before he pulls away. You are wise to know that it will happen and it is necessary for him to be an independent person.

  5. Perfect plague-reference piece. Loved it. Kids are so funny as they grow. They too quickly don't want us around anymore! That's always so hard!

  6. I posted Halloween-y art today too! lol! I really love your plague piece!

    haha! I totally get what you are saying about being with your kid. Some days I would love for her to just find something to amuse herself with so I can have some "me" time, but I know when she is older I will have to practically beg for her time. lol

  7. Very nice. Plague doctors, very creepy and not drawn enough. :)

  8. Nice theme piece


  9. Fab Halloween art! Or you may forever be close with your dear son. You just never know!

    Peace Giggles

  10. Your art piece is so cool! Love!!! You and your son love each other and have a good relationship! I think you will be ok! Big Hugs!


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