Friday, October 27, 2017

Moley art - Halloween

This is last December's Moley journal for Vantezy on the theme of Halloween. I decided not to show it earlier as it was a specific theme that correlates with a specific time of the year. It's a three spread in accordion style moleskine art journal also called moley.

Halloween has only been around here in my country for a few years. It's mostly organized Halloween events for adults but no trick-or-treating for kids. We dress up in costumes earlier in the year for the Carnival. What's your Halloween costume this year?

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  1. Very imaginative art Natashamay. Happy PPF! :D)

  2. beautiful creepy for Halloween!!!
    happy weekend and happy PPF;

  3. Really love this piece. That is interesting about Halloween in your country.

  4. My costume is an old fat lady sitting on a couch...oh wait..never mind! lol Love the moley!

  5. Love the ms. frankenstein. What country are you from? Curious because you said about Halloween being new.

  6. This art piece is so cool! Love!!! It's interesting to know, that not every country has Halloween!


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