Friday, September 22, 2017

Sad face round robin

I started this Round Robin with the sad face, MissM added the body and Tandy finished it with the background.

This was my face at the beginning of the week when I realized all my daily videos for this year were gone. I mentioned before that I film my life every day, like little clips not 24 hours, and I put each day as a separate video. Somehow I managed to delete all 251 videos from this year.

Luckily I back it up on external drive every now and again, so I have everything backed up until 23rd August. I had videos from 10. September onward in a separate folder and they remained intact but 17 videos in between are lost forever.

I wasn't even mad, I was baffled. How could I have deleted them all?

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  1. Cute little guy, and lucky you backed them up...I would have been devastated if I lost something like that...xx

  2. I'm so glad you had a back-up! That could have been an awful loss.

    Love your little round robin guy. He's awesome!

  3. The sad faced round robin piece is darling. So sorry about the deletion but at least you did save most of the videos.

  4. Oh your round robin is so fun!

    Oh technology. :(

  5. he ended up adorable. Round robins sound like such fun. Visitng from PPF. IT's amazing some of the things that can happen with a computer.Many years ago I inadvertently deleted a third of the artwork on my site! Yikes!

  6. Awe so sorry to hear that... so upsetting. Have you thought of making a private instagram with a video each day... then you will have it forever...hopefully!!

    Peace Giggles

  7. The mystery of the computer. I am sorry they were all deleted. Happy you backed most of them up. Your sad face tells the story.

  8. Mr. Sad face is adorable!! Computers!!!

  9. wow first such dedication to film every day. I would have been sick If I had deleted them. Glad you have a backup, smart. Do I have one no, but now I am rethinking my plan. Great idea a little round robin, and so cute

  10. I'm so glad you had a back-up! That could have been an awful loss. Love your little round robin guy. He's awesome!



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