Friday, August 25, 2017


The first puppy might look simple and easy but the request was "Mini Dappled Dachshund Black, Tan, Silver Spots With stuffed badger toy in mouth".

Remember back in the days when we were kids? Whenever we wanted to play, we just went outside or to the neighbor’s to find kids to play with. These days everything that a kid finds entertaining is provided at home. Everyone has a swing and a slide in their backyard, everyone has a pool, everyone has the latest toy, a playset or whatever to play with and there’s no need to go to the neighbor’s anymore to have fun. And you can’t find a soul on the street to save your life.

My kid is in the stage of his growing up where he wants to play with older kids but also wants one of us to be with him. Us meaning mom, dad or grandma. But you can’t just show up at the doorstep with your child and ask to play with their kids. So, we resorted to a lot of phone calls asking the adults, if we can come over with our kid to play with their kids. It’s a bit awkward I must say. Once a week is fine. But every day? Kid, give me a break.

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  1. really adorable puppies. Animals can be so hard to capture, that's why I stick with fruit, lol. Great job. Visiting from PPF.

  2. the animals are so sweet!
    with the kid not os just everything,i wish you good luck that everything will work!
    Happy weekend

  3. Lovely dogies.
    Happy PPF xx

  4. Your puppy cards are adorable. Great job with the dachshund. Happy PPF!

  5. Adorable pups!!!
    Happy PPF!

  6. Luv those puppies. Good luck with play dates

    Happy PPF

    Much love...

  7. Lovely art as always. The days of kids going to the neighbors or just all the kid in the neighborhood out playing are, sadly to say, over.

  8. When I read your comment I sat here and laughed and laughed....thank you so much for the adorable paintings, and for heehee, your funny comment about it. You did good! :D

  9. Your puppies are adorable and you can tell the work you did in them! You kid is social! That is great! Big Hugs!

  10. These puppies are adorable! :D and you made me laugh with the kid story. The lack of neighborhood socializing for kids is a sad thing now adays...


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