Friday, August 11, 2017


Round Robin is a set of 3 cards which one artist starts, send to another to add something to the set and then sends to the third artist to finish everything. Each artist keeps a card that's why there are 3 in a set.

Linda4atc started this one with the pirate, LucyMc added the ship and I finished with the treasure chest and sand.

  • we had a hail storm on Sunday evening. Hail was the size of golf balls. Luckily we had our cars under roof and mom's vegetable garden has a net over it. But fruit trees and the vine took a beating. 
  • the cooling down was welcomed though since we had a heat wave after heat wave going up to 40°C. We're lucky, too, that our house has great insulation and it holds a comfortable temp without having an A/C. Sometimes I have to go out to warm myself up. :)
  • my precious kid was a bit hyperactive the other day and threw my bag on the floor containing my kindle and camera. Needles to say the camera took the beating and the screen shattered. It's still working, I just can't see what I'm photographing.
  • we went to the beach for a day yesterday. Even though we didn't choose the best day since it was cloudy and rainy but it was still warm and the water was warm and the kid had a blast playing in the sand.
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  1. what a fun idea. I've always wanted to buy a moleskine Japanese fold out watercolor paper and send it out to all my artist friends to see what comes back to me! Happy PPF!

  2. I do like this round robbin. You are matched well it look like the same artist did all three parts. Well done.

  3. Lovely art! Sorry about your camera! Happy PPF! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Wow - this is cool. I thought these were all yours.

  5. Oh my gosh is there anything better than pirates?! Happy PPF (I'm catching up a bit late).

  6. You art is so cute! I love the Round Robins! I am so sorry about your camera!! Big Hugs!


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