Friday, August 4, 2017

Just a Girl & Rumpelstiltskin

I haven't done one of these big haired ladies in a while. :)

A while ago I complained about one of the fairytales I was reading to my son for being depressive. Let me tell you about another one titled Rumpelstiltskin. I don't know what it is. Is it just because I'm an adult now and I see the story in a different light? Or have the times changed so much that the old stories don't really fit into our society anymore?

Here's the short version. It has a sketchy start. A poor man visits an evil king and brags about his daughter, saying she can spin straw into gold. Of course it's not true and the girl gets the short straw in this exchange. First off, wouldn't the poor man be rich, if his daughter could do that? Second, how did it not cross this poor man's mind that his daughter would now be in danger because of his claim?

The greedy king wants to test this girl so he has her brought to the castle in a room full of straw for her to spin into gold. He threatens her life, if she doesn't do so by the morning and the girl cries because she has no idea how to spin straw into gold. An imp appears and offers her his help for an exchange. She gives him her necklace. The next day she gives him her ring.

The third day the evil, greedy king promises to marry her, if she spins the straw into gold for the third time. Here's where I ask, why? Why would an evil king want to marry a poor girl when he can continue to threaten her life to get his gold? Here's another catch. After the third day, he doesn't ask her to spin the straw into gold anymore. Again why? Why would this greedy king decide after the third day that he has enough gold? It doesn't make sense. Why marry her and then not get any more gold?

Of course the imp wanted something in exchange the third day as well but the girl had nothing more to give, so he wanted her firstborn to which she agreed. First, who agrees to giving up their first born child? Second, girl, why don't you take off your shoes instead to make an exchange? You'll be a queen soon enough, you can spare them.

This story is not making any sense and the more I read it, the more it annoys me. But, it's my kid's favorite at the moment and I have to read it to him twice a day. He already knows some lines, that cheeky kid. :)

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  1. She is sweet with huge light hair. Wonder what she is thinking about;)
    Happy PPF xx

  2. the women is sweet and a great.. The colors match her!
    Happy Day

  3. It really is stupid, but so many of them's all about teaching morals I your big harried girl too...happy ppf...xx

  4. I don't think the times have changed that much. The old stories were really pretty bad if you analyze them. Your woman is beautiful with her lovely hair.

  5. Lovely piece Natasha. I used to love fairy tales but when you put it like that...hmm.

  6. It's best not to think too much these days, lol Love your big hair lady!

  7. I always love big haired girls. So pretty with her purple hair! Fairy tales are often weird and dark when read as an adult, lol. Kids love them though!

  8. Yes, all the old stories had these alpha, forceful males in them :D if you analyze them now.

  9. Love seeing a big haired lady... and the fairy tales did my head in as well.. we sat down and read the Grimm original versions when P was older and they are super freaky! Kind of fabulous though!

  10. I love the big hair and that it is all purple. Yes, many of these fairy tales are dark and misogynistic and even misanthropic. One has to wonder why they are even called fairly tales.

  11. I agree with you. Even when I was young, so many "fairy tales" seemed sad and the women always got abused one way or another. The songs too, like "London Bridge is Falling Down" is horrible as is the bedtime prayer I use to say as a child. Maybe because of all the plagues and death? I son't know. I read my kids Cat in the Hat stories. Big hugz and I have missed visiting you. Oh love the long hair least she gets to keep hers, unlike Rapunzel. Rasz

  12. Nice to see one of your big haired girls! I agree with you about fairy tales!! Big Hugs!

  13. Loving the big, purple hair! She is awesome. I agree about the fairy tales. In recent years, many of the original ones have been rewritten again and again to tell a different version. They are definitely interesting to read and some a bit twisted. Our elementary school library had several and the kids always thought they were funny. ;0


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