Friday, July 28, 2017


Apparently everyone wants a dragon nowadays. :) I guess it's been so ever since the Game of Thrones started. I might be one of few that doesn't watch it. I mean, I don't watch TV as it is and ever since the kid was born, I haven't had the time to watch anything on computer either.

But I did give Game of Thrones a try awhile ago and it just threw me off with all the drama and killings and incest.

Fun fact: Our capitol city Ljubljana in which I was born and raised, has a green dragon as a city symbol.

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  1. fab looking dragons Natasha! Happy PPF!

  2. Hi Natasha May, I'm not into dragons myself and I haven't seen "Thrones" either, but your drawings are darling.

  3. Cute dragons. I think GOT is for a different age group. My grandson loves it.

  4. I was just talking about game of thrones t my kids last night. I find it hard too believe that it's would enjoy all that crap. Never watched an episode. Love your dragons....dragons are in Harry Potter, and I am a huge fan of that...;-)

  5. LOL, I LOVE Game of Thrones and I don't watch TV much at all but I will sit still long enough to watch that show! I even drew a dragon in one of my pictures last week...a very colorful baby dragon. Yours are very cute :)

  6. Dragons are cool! I love yours!!
    I have to admit, I do like Game Of Thrones, but I'm glad it's ending. It's getting kind of repetitive!
    Big Hugs!


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