Friday, June 16, 2017

Dolphins RR

Round Robin started by Linda4atc with the gray dolphin, I added the blue one and BexMadeMe finished the cards with the rest. I love how they turned out.

Update on my tattoo. 2 weeks ago I had my tattoo cover-up. The tattoo artist had a tough job to do because my previous tattoo was very geometrical and the new tattoo was not and also it was in color. She covered most of it and I was pleased with it but then something happened.

I don't remember it happening before with my other tattoos, so I was surprised when I removed the protective foil and there was like a layer of slimy color on my skin. It almost looked like the color was sucked out of my skin. Consequently the tattoo looked paler and the previous tattoo is now seen very clearly.

Another thing is that the first tattoo scared my skin. I didn't pay attention to it before but it's visible now with the cover up. When I turn it to light, I can see the raised skin in the shape of the old tattoo.

I now have another appointment scheduled for next week to fix this. Hopefully my skin doesn't decide to reject the color again.
In the picture above, the cover-up after it was done is in the middle and on the right it's after the color was "sucked" out. The tattoo itself is a mama fox and a baby fox shaped in a heart. It represents myself and my kid.

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  1. I REALLY love that fox tattoo. So beautiful! My friend is working on a piece on her back that is an outdoor scene with wolves and trees. Hers is also a coverup and it's coming along nicely too. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend

  2. Adorable dolphin art! And your choice of the foxes tatoo is beautiful and loving. Happy PPF!

  3. Very cute dolphin art. I have heard of this with tattoos. Ask what type of ink she is using. I do like the new tat.

  4. Lovely cards! I hope your skin will not react. Good luck!

  5. Your dolphins are precious! Love the fox tattoo! Beautiful! I hope it all works out for you! Big Hugs!

  6. Those dolphins are so sweet! The fox tattoo is beautiful, I hope they can fix it!

  7. Love the hearts he's blowing out. .. Hope the tat can be fixed. Blessings, Janet

  8. Beautiful artwork and love your fox tattoo!! Sorry it didn't cover...hope the repair works for you!! Really pretty!!

    Hugs Giggles


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