Friday, June 30, 2017

Oh, boy

Ok, so. I was a really easy child for my parents to have. They can attest to that, especially since they had a lot of trouble and heartache with my older brother. I was very unproblematic in a sense I didn't get in too much trouble and I didn't get into accidents.

I was thinking of myself as a little girl, of how I ever went to the doctor's because of illness. Ok, I had a lot of trouble with ear infections until I got surgery at age 3 or 4 but other than that I was fine. And I thought to myself it must be a gender thing, right?! Girls are the good ones and boys are the "wild" ones.

Because here I am on Monday morning at the doctor's because my kid decided to drink antifreeze from the garage. Yes, you read that right. Anti- freaking- freeze!!!! He's been told before not to drink anything from the bottles in the garage. We put them high up anyway but just in case someone forgets, like that morning when hubby was emptying out the car and left an opened bottle of antifreeze on the ground, he knows he's can't drink it. But he did it anyway. Because he could open the bottle easily and it was pink and he's a 2-year-old.

Seriously kid?! You broke your collarbone when you were not yet a year and a half old and now you're drinking antifreeze at not yet two and a half. I can't even imagine what awaits me yet. He's a courageous little boy. He's not reckless. He holds on so he wouldn't fall but he's not afraid of anything. And I have a feeling this trait of his is going to send us to ER many times more during his childhood.

He's fine. No damage was done. And I'm here thinking how lucky my parents were to have had such an unproblematic child as me.

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  1. Love your ATCs Natasha!! Great perspective about child rearing and characteristics of an individual. SO glad your son is OK and no damage was done-scary! We were so lucky to have a son who was the best to raise that we could have ever hoped for. Happy PPF!

  2. Lovely art and so glad your little one's ok.

  3. Oh my stars! Glad to hear he is OK, and oh yes, the joys that will be waiting for you as he grows older, lol

  4. Your atc's are fabulous! I keep wanting to watch sons of anarchy we don't get it here yet!! So glad your son's okay... My daughter has twin nephews and they are such little monkeys... they think of the most scary things to do. They both have been to the hospital dozens of times because of all the antics they have pulled in their 4 little years. One night they toppled their crib and were both inside it upside down on their heads!!They weren't hurt but scared the bejeezes out of their mom!! You are not alone girl. Find some friends with boys to share stories with!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Wow, what a scare! You were certainly fortunate b/c from what I hear even a little bit of antifreeze is deadly. Yes, as a mother of a son and a daughter, I will attest to the fact that the daughter was much, much easier to raise. However, to put it into perspective, it is my son who as an adult is the one who checks on me and keeps tabs on his elderly mom, not the daughter. I love the both.

  6. That is so scary! Some babies are like that, keep mama on her tippi toes!
    Great art cards♥

  7. So glad he is OK and your art is lovely.

  8. I love your art pieces!!!
    I am so happy your little one is ok!!
    Big Hugs!


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