Friday, June 30, 2017

Oh, boy

Ok, so. I was a really easy child for my parents to have. They can attest to that, especially since they had a lot of trouble and heartache with my older brother. I was very unproblematic in a sense I didn't get in too much trouble and I didn't get into accidents.

I was thinking of myself as a little girl, of how I ever went to the doctor's because of illness. Ok, I had a lot of trouble with ear infections until I got surgery at age 3 or 4 but other than that I was fine. And I thought to myself it must be a gender thing, right?! Girls are the good ones and boys are the "wild" ones.

Because here I am on Monday morning at the doctor's because my kid decided to drink antifreeze from the garage. Yes, you read that right. Anti- freaking- freeze!!!! He's been told before not to drink anything from the bottles in the garage. We put them high up anyway but just in case someone forgets, like that morning when hubby was emptying out the car and left an opened bottle of antifreeze on the ground, he knows he's can't drink it. But he did it anyway. Because he could open the bottle easily and it was pink and he's a 2-year-old.

Seriously kid?! You broke your collarbone when you were not yet a year and a half old and now you're drinking antifreeze at not yet two and a half. I can't even imagine what awaits me yet. He's a courageous little boy. He's not reckless. He holds on so he wouldn't fall but he's not afraid of anything. And I have a feeling this trait of his is going to send us to ER many times more during his childhood.

He's fine. No damage was done. And I'm here thinking how lucky my parents were to have had such an unproblematic child as me.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Sea creatures and fairytales

I’m reading fairytales to my kid. They are well known like Puss in Boots and Little Mermaid (not the Disney one). Now, it’s either I never actually read them even though I know of them, or I actually forgot the storyline entirely. There’s a third possibility that the fairytales have been rewritten which happens a lot with different publishers but essentially the plot remains the same, it’s just the details that change and become more socially acceptable for this time. You know like in the Cinderella story where the stepsisters cut off their toes and hills to try to fit their feet in the glass slipper.

Ok, so I’m reading the Little Mermaid to my kid and it starts innocently enough with the mermaid falling in love with the prince she saved from drowning and wanting to go on shore to find him and live happily ever after. Well, the first twist is when she goes to the sea witch to get a potion to turn her fish tail to legs. Ok, it’s still acceptable for her to sacrifice herself because you expect something good to come out of it even though the little mermaid is going to be in pain the entire time she’s walking and the witch took her voice, so she can’t talk, which I admit is a bit excessive. But, the prince doesn’t know it’s the little mermaid who saved him and he fell in love with another girl who actually found him on the shore after the mermaid put him there.

The little mermaid is heartbroken and I was getting worried that this fairytale is getting a little depressed but I was like, no it has to have a happy ending, so I was still hoping the prince will find out the truth in the end. Except he doesn’t. He ends up marrying this girl who was incognito a princess from another kingdom.

What I didn’t tell you before is that for the mermaid to remain on the shore required a man she was in love with to love her and marry her and be faithful to her to the end. If that didn’t happen she would die because she couldn’t return to the sea. So yeah, the marriage was actually her death sentence. Here she is on this boat celebrating the prince’s wedding knowing she’ll be dead by the morning.

Here comes a second twist. Her sisters, she was the youngest of six daughters, bring her a knife from the sea witch with instructions for her to stab the prince in the heart and when the blood reaches her feet, they’ll turn back into fish tail and she could go back to the sea.

Hold up. What kind of message is that for the kids? Who wrote this fairytale? WTF? Who’s reading this fairytale to their kids? ... I am, obviously. Let me just quickly state here that my kid fell asleep before this part and I was happy about it.

Obviously she didn’t stab the prince because that would make her the villain, and she ended up becoming a daughter of the air because she was suffering but was still brave or whatever. And I’m like what kind of messed up ending is that? Where is the happy ever after? What kind of message is this fairytale trying to portray? Follow your heart, sacrifice yourself for love but instead of getting what you want you end up heartbroken and dead?

Now I’m thinking I might have blacked out the memory of this fairytale because it traumatized me so much. I think I’ll be reading these fairytales myself before I read them to my kid to see what they actually have to say. I must be very na├»ve to expect fairytales to be innocent and have a positive message.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Dolphins RR

Round Robin started by Linda4atc with the gray dolphin, I added the blue one and BexMadeMe finished the cards with the rest. I love how they turned out.

Update on my tattoo. 2 weeks ago I had my tattoo cover-up. The tattoo artist had a tough job to do because my previous tattoo was very geometrical and the new tattoo was not and also it was in color. She covered most of it and I was pleased with it but then something happened.

I don't remember it happening before with my other tattoos, so I was surprised when I removed the protective foil and there was like a layer of slimy color on my skin. It almost looked like the color was sucked out of my skin. Consequently the tattoo looked paler and the previous tattoo is now seen very clearly.

Another thing is that the first tattoo scared my skin. I didn't pay attention to it before but it's visible now with the cover up. When I turn it to light, I can see the raised skin in the shape of the old tattoo.

I now have another appointment scheduled for next week to fix this. Hopefully my skin doesn't decide to reject the color again.
In the picture above, the cover-up after it was done is in the middle and on the right it's after the color was "sucked" out. The tattoo itself is a mama fox and a baby fox shaped in a heart. It represents myself and my kid.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Shark Moley spread

This is the final spread in Moley journal for Evalila on the theme of "(by, in, under) the Sea". I haven't gotten my own Moley back yet but I hope it'll be soon. I made a video of all my spreads done in this round of Moley swap.

If you're wondering what that is, it's an art journal that travels between 10 players and each does their own interpretation of the theme that is set by the owner of each journal.

Last weekend was fun for my kid. On Saturday we went to a birthday party where he had a blast playing with other kids. And on Sunday we went to watch a motocross race. It was possible to rent a bike for the kids but we realized that the kid's bikes were still too big for my kid. Maybe next year.

But the race was fun to watch. The beginning of it anyway because we had to go home afterwards for the kid's nap time. Though it was still interesting because the bikers got lost and didn't know where the track continued, so at some point they all turned back and returned to the start line and had to do it all over again.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

a Sheep

Ok, this Friday sneaked up on me and I forgot to write a blog post. I have to run now for my tattoo coverup appointment so I can't come up with anything to write about. Here's a sheep for you. :) See you all next week.

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