Friday, May 19, 2017

Here kitty, kitty

What?! One is not like the others? How dare you insinuate little Griffon is different?

We had a little situation here on Monday. In the nearby town a storage with toxic waste caught on fire. Oils, paint, medication, etc., were all going up in smoke. Unfortunately the wind was blowing our way and to other neighboring towns and we smelled the paint here where I live. I can't even imagine what kind of toxic air we were breathing and will continue to breathe long after the "smell" goes away. The most concerning is mercury which is said to be 100-1000 times over the limit in the vicinity.

The officials are still investigating the cause of the fire. The firefighters though did a great job extinguishing the flames in just 4 hours. There were several volunteer fire brigades called from neighboring towns and two professional fire brigades from the cities. All together over 350 firefighters.

I'm reading about the air and water contamination in this area after the fire and I'm worried how this is going to effect people's health. I'm double worried because the kid is supposed to start kindergarten in this town in July.

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  1. Love the Griffin (and cats, tee hee!!) Natasha; but not the news of the fire :( ... scary for you and yours! So many toxins in our world ...
    Happy PPF!

  2. Wow, that fire sounds really crazy. The chemicals in the air are definitely really scary. I hope everything is okay there.

    Love the the adorable kitties too...and the griffin, ahem, I mean larger kitty. ;-)

  3. Loving the cat art! What a scary thing to go through and then to have to worry about because of the toxic fumes.Hope it will all be OK. Happy PPF!

  4. Fires like that are scary. Stay safe and keep drawing all those cute little characters. Love the cats... the griffin, too.

  5. I love your little griffin, I mean kitty :) All are wonderful!
    So sorry to hear about the toxic fire...that's horrible!!! We are all so at the mercy of our environment and the corporations that handle toxic materials~

  6. your characters are absolutely adorable, I wish I could make up cute characters like that, I just don't have that kind of imagination, great job! visiting from PPF.

  7. Love your characters!! What a scary situation... I know how organic you are, this is extra upsetting for you I'm sure!! I would be very concerned too!! Imagine those poor firefighters as well!! Terrible situation!! On a good note, your yellow cat makes me soooo happy!!Take care!!

  8. Love the quad...especially the Griffin cat.

  9. Love all the kitties. . .the Griffon is amazing. So sorry about your contamination factor. . it's everywhere and sometimes we aren't told . . .another issue. Blessings, Janet

  10. Your art is so adorable!!
    I am so sorry about the toxic fire!! I would be concerned too!!!
    Please take Care! Big Hugs!


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