Friday, May 12, 2017

Blythe doll

I think this card was a request of some sort. It might've been a personal trade or a pick-a-theme swap. I honestly don't remember anymore. I sometimes find an artist trading card (ATC) in backlog and have no idea the story behind it.

  • I've been slacking on the photo books. I have to make two now for the past 6 months. The worst part is choosing the photos because I have too many.
  • The kid decides periodically to skip the afternoon nap. Hope it doesn't become the norm. I need those 2 hours of rest.
  • I love doing round robin ATCs, where 3 artists add to a card and each keeps one in the end, but sometimes the finished card doesn't make it back to me and it pisses me off. Then I have to ask people, if they still have it or it's lost in the mail, and I feel like I'm harassing them.
  • Chuck Norris was in our country last week shooting a commercial. I wish I could say I met him but I didn't. :)
  • My pets are getting old. The oldest two cats turned 16 years old in April. How crazy is that? They don't act old though. The other two in line are 13, next one is 10 and the youngest two are 9 y-o. The little pooch is turning 12 this month and the youngest 8 y.o. It's crazy how I still think of the youngest as 4 years old. It was only the other day when I was ordering kibble for the pooches that I realized they are considered seniors now.
  • At the beginning of the week my mom commented that the little pooch Kika was acting a bit depressed but she ate normally and pooped normally and I didn't find anything tender on her. I knew what was bothering her but it was only after she got her haircut on Tuesday that my mom realized it was all that fur that was depressing her. I talked about this before that she likes to have a short haircut or she literally gets depressed. Weird dog. She gets her fur buzzed every 3 months and now she's all energetic and runs around like crazy.
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  1. What a cute little girl with her big eyes <3

  2. what a cute little face, she's got! You have a lot of animals! It's hard seeing them getting older. My two dogs will be 8 in August which isn't too old as their breed averages 15 years but I can still see how their little legs are getting stiff and the female needs a hand getting up onto the sofa because her back legs aren't as strong. I love that your dog likes short hair! I hate clipping mine with a passion as neither of them enjoy the process but I do love when it's finished and they have lovely short fur for a couple of months before it needs doing all over again. I guess if it's hot where you are, she'll prefer to be short to stay cooler!

  3. Great post!! My dogs always loved a haircut, just not the process of it!! Animals are so funny, each with their own personality!! Lovely little lady there, her eyes are so bright!I feel like her expression matches some of your words!! Hope your son isn't stopping the second just never know!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. She is super cute! I too understand the importance of nap time. Even though it's just kitties for me it's really vital :) Happy PPF!

  5. sweet girl illustration. You certainly have your hands full with so many pets in addition to a young boy! No wonder you need your 2 hrs:) Happy PPF!

  6. What a sweet face she has. Love her green hair!
    ~~ Irene

  7. Wow, you have a big family!
    Fun to hear about thee haircut.

    Sweet little green haired gal.

  8. A cute lovely girl!
    So nice to hear you have cats and a dog. I have one cat, she is 11. Before that I had a cat who was 15 years.

  9. Really very cute little girl. Love her hair.

  10. I love your card! She is adorable!! I can't believe all the animals you have! You are so fortunate to have them for so long! That's like me! When I get my hair cut, I run around! LOL! Big Hugs!


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