Friday, April 7, 2017

Random cards & electrocuting myself

Bunch of random cards for pick-a-theme swap where the players chose their theme. At least they seem to be color coordinated. :) It happens when you have to color 4 cards in a row and you're too lazy to pick out different colors.

Last weekend we put together the kid's garden swing set with a slide. I'm the one reading instructions because, if I look away for a second to let's say tend to my child, I come back to screws looking through the boards because hubby used the wrong ones. Or let's say I put the kid to sleep for his afternoon nap and I come back to an extra board lying on the ground because someone didn't bother to read the instructions.

This is nothing new. Once my hubby and mom made an effort to put together a cupboard and they ended up putting it up side down. Yes, that's how lost they both are when reading instructions.

What was truly bizarre in this situation was that I ended up electrocuting myself and I wasn't even using any power tools. I was just told to unplug one and it happened. It wasn't bad though. My finger hurt for a while but there sure weren't any dramatic effects like you see in the movies.

Is the household electricity strong enough to kill you or do any real damage? Or was I just lucky? I did wear rubber shoes, so maybe that's the reason I didn't get hurt much.

P.S. I've reopened my Etsy shop and I have some paintings in there for really cheap.
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  1. Holy that's scary about the shock you got. We're your hands wet? Sounds like a potential problem. Love your animal paintings they're adorable! Your hubby stories are too! We all have blunders along the way...however I am the direction reader too!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Lovely paintings. Glad to hear you are OK after your shock. Could have been much worse.

  3. Glad u survived the shock. Great ATCs

  4. Love your art Natasha great work!!!
    Happy that you weren't seriously hurt.! You were very lucky!!!
    Happy PPF

  5. I am so glad that you were not hurt 'much'.
    "Kids" did I miss you having a second? If so, congratulations!!

    Fun little pieces.

  6. That can be scary and feels horrible, but hopefully not enough to kill you... still, too scary!
    Thanks for sharing the cards, they are great :oD

  7. Whoa getting shocked is scary!!!! Great art this week. Love how you create.

  8. Love your cards, the lower left one is especially cute.Perhaps check out the power in your home to be sure nothing is wrong.

  9. Even though your art pieces have the same colours, they are all different! They are excellent!! I am so happy you are ok! That is scary!! Big Hugs!


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