Friday, April 28, 2017

Tree of Life Moley

April's moley journal is for Geminorn on the theme Tree of Life. I actually got out my acrylic paints to paint this one.

To remind you, moley is a nickname for an accordion style Moleskin art journal that a group of 10 of us pass along and each artist makes a 3 page spread on the owner's chosen theme for the moley. This moley group started in September last year, and believe it or not, we're almost at the end. Next month will be the last journal spread to do before we all get our own journal back. I'm so freaking excited I can hardly contain myself. :)

P.S. This blog post is scheduled because I'm in Vienna at the moment for a mini vacation. :)

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Friday, April 21, 2017


Round Robin is a set of 3 cards which one artist starts, send to another to add something to the set and then sends to the third artist to finish everything. Each artist keeps a card that's why there are 3 in a set.

LucyMc started with the bottles, I added the table and frame and Linda4atc finished it all with the bartender and background.

This following thing has happened to me numerous times and it's really starting to piss me off. So, I have a little rant and a message to all my relatives and friends and even some strangers.

Please let my kid cry.

If you see my child crying, and I’m right there beside him, please shut up. By telling my child to stop crying, that big boys don’t cry or you’re pointing out a butterfly, a cat, a truck or Bob the Builder to distract him from crying, you’re doing more harm than good. So, please, stay out of it.

I know your intentions are good. I know it hurts YOU to hear a child cry. And maybe you even think you’re helping me out because you think I’m not capable of stopping my child’s crying. But …

My kid is crying for a reason and I’m right there beside him to comfort him and to talk to him so he can process his hurt. Be it a physical or emotional pain. I’m letting him cry on purpose, so he doesn’t bottle his feelings and ends up an emotionally messed up adult. I’m talking to him, so he can understand his emotions and name them correctly. I’m listening to him so he can process and understand what happened to him.

The whole time I’m doing that, you’re next to me babbling and confusing the heck out of my kid. Please, just shut up and let me handle my own child. If all fails, trust me, I’ll be the first one reaching for a toy to distract him. It’s not that I’m not aware of these tricks, I choose not to use them and rather take another path.

P.S. If you see any child alone, distressed, crying, bleeding, and/or being abused, by all means, please, intervene.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap #2

Kat Sloma has been running Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap since 2011 which was also my first time participating. But then I kept missing on the sign up and only managed this year to participate again hence #2.

You can find my post from 2011 HERE and check out my postcards that I've sent then. This year I sent the below ones.

I have original paintings of these images available in my Etsy shop.

In return I only received these 2 postcards which is weird because they were all sent at the same time so they should've traveled together as well. I will add them later when/if they arrive.
  • Tammar from Oregon sent "Fall Maples" photo taken while strolling with her Pug Snort. How freaking awesome is that name for a dog? :)
  • Cynthia sent "Bike Haiku" with her postcard from Scotland I believe
Thank you!
And today, after this blog post was published, I got 2 more postcards:
  • Patrica Mark and her poppy
  • Kat Sloma, the fabulous host of this swap
Thank you!
P.S. It's next week the 19th April and I got the final two cards from the swap.
  • Ron Leunissen with the digital image of a running man
  • and Kathryn V. White with her art and quote postcard
Thank you!
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Friday, April 7, 2017

Random cards & electrocuting myself

Bunch of random cards for pick-a-theme swap where the players chose their theme. At least they seem to be color coordinated. :) It happens when you have to color 4 cards in a row and you're too lazy to pick out different colors.

Last weekend we put together the kid's garden swing set with a slide. I'm the one reading instructions because, if I look away for a second to let's say tend to my child, I come back to screws looking through the boards because hubby used the wrong ones. Or let's say I put the kid to sleep for his afternoon nap and I come back to an extra board lying on the ground because someone didn't bother to read the instructions.

This is nothing new. Once my hubby and mom made an effort to put together a cupboard and they ended up putting it up side down. Yes, that's how lost they both are when reading instructions.

What was truly bizarre in this situation was that I ended up electrocuting myself and I wasn't even using any power tools. I was just told to unplug one and it happened. It wasn't bad though. My finger hurt for a while but there sure weren't any dramatic effects like you see in the movies.

Is the household electricity strong enough to kill you or do any real damage? Or was I just lucky? I did wear rubber shoes, so maybe that's the reason I didn't get hurt much.

P.S. I've reopened my Etsy shop and I have some paintings in there for really cheap.
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