Friday, March 17, 2017

Pink Paris Girl

I guess it's that time of the year when you have to do some spring cleaning. I usually avoid it but I tackled the chaos that is my wardrobe this week. Granted I can't do much with the kid hanging around so I took opportunity on the day my hubby was home.

Let me preface this a bit. I have 7 cats and 2 dogs. They used to have free access to all the rooms in my home until that flea infestation fiasco and I kicked them out of my bedroom. It was hard because they're clever and know how to open doors. That said, they know how to open drawers as well as they provide a soft nest to sleep in. Long story short I had 3 full drawers of clothes covered in cat hair.

I cleverly skipped one since it was my hubby's and he can deal with it and one had all my socks and underwear in. Ok, I must say that these drawers didn't get used much, one (1.) because they were covered with fur, two (2.) because I have another set of drawers in the bathroom downstairs where I usually get dressed so I ignored this problem for a while.

Yeah, this task took me a couple of hours alone which is baffling to me because I thought I'd just throw stuff away. But when you actually go through the clothes you kind of feel bad for getting rid of them if they're well preserved.

I actually had an inkling once before to go through my wardrobe but then I opened it and saw that these are still clothes I'd wear today if they fit me. You know, all that "I'll lose weight and wear them" thinking. Safe to say the clothes are still there. 

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  1. Wow you are brave to try and get cat hair off your clothes. I try to avoid spring cleaning too but I have houseguests coming soon which makes me determined to wrestle the dust bunnies.
    Happy PPF

  2. I havn't done any as here spring is not close yet. It's raining....
    Your drawing is beautiful, love the colours in it, too.
    Happy PPF xx

  3. Love your pink Paris girl! I should do some decluttering too.

  4. haha, very recognizable :-) Especially the part of "I'll lose weight and wear them" :-D Cute girl in front of the Eiffel Tower!

  5. Fantastic! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. Ms Pink is very lovely ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Day ~ ^_^

  7. LOVE your Parisian illustration!! I'd say Spring cleaning is a much more difficult task to conquer with all those pets. Happy PPF!

  8. I really like your pink Parisian fashion scene. My wife and I have been Spring cleaning too, and managed to get give away quite a bit of stuff. Blessings!

  9. A wonderful fashion girl - I can imagine how much you have to clean - I have two big dogs in the house - allowed to be everywhere - and they bring much dust and dirt in . I am an always cleaning woman here... managed to clean many windwos today as well, but now the rain is here again grrr.

    Happy weekend!
    oxo Susi

  10. Pink Paris Girl is lovely... a true Parisian beauty!
    Spring cleaning... it's good to purge once a year :)

    Happy PPF 🗼

  11. Love your drawing. I have two cats, one white and one black. The black hairs aren't too bad, but the white ones seem to get everywhere. Still, I wouldn't be without my cats.

  12. What a neat Paris lady, NatashaMay. I can just imagine trying to get the cat hair out of your undies. I hope it washed out, but I'm wondering if it really was that easy. It's hard to get rid of stuff that has an emotional tie. I kept a wool suit I had bought in Scotland for about 20 years after I couldn't get my big fat you know what into the skirt.

  13. I love your paris fashionista...she is beautiful! A unique style I've not seen from you yet! What if you were to put some of those clothes on facebook market place and sell them? Could that motivate you? Just a thought!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. your Pink Paris Girl is a cutie
    Have a good weekend pets and all

    much love...

  15. I love your pretty pink Parisian!

  16. Love your art. 7 cat! OMG I don't know how you would get the cat hair removed. My mom had 3 cats and the hair was everywhere. We vacuumed twice a day.

  17. I love your Pink Paris girl!! Hair all over your clothes! I feel for you! For me, if I haven't worn something in a year, out it goes!

  18. happy image that made me smile. :) Love it.

  19. Quiet an adventure with spring cleaning. The Paris girl looks smart and ready for some adventure of her own.

  20. What a lovely Parisian!
    My daughter has helped me go through clothes, and used her hubby's line, "that's nice, ... but it's a little tired! Do you have something similar?"
    And I love Naked Lady Parties!! Only gals, who are a range of sizes, ... the last I attended was so fun, I came with two bags full, and left with two bags! So I didn't really downsize, but I had new (free!!) Clothes, and one gal served as a dresser, suggesting things she thought we'd look good in! Plus galfriends were good at helping decide!


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