Friday, January 27, 2017

Bunch of dogs

How cute are they? Can you tell the breeds?

Last weekend we went to the dog show in the city. I don't know if I ever mentioned here but I used to handle my mom's dog in dog shows when he was little. I did it back then to promote the breed. He's a Slovenian dog breed Karst Shepherd.

I liked the outside shows but the inside ones were always too crowded. We stopped going to the dog shows because I didn't like the energy anymore. Some people don't treat their dogs well at these shows and it started to bug me. We once witnessed a dog's death because the handlers left it in an overheated camper in the middle of summer while they were showing other dogs in the ring.

If you're not familiar with a term "handler" it's a person that professionally handles someone's dog in dog shows. Sometimes owners bring the dog to the show and they meet the handler there but sometimes the handler picks up several dogs and drives them to the show. That happens especially if the dog show is in another country.

A big part of us going to these shows was the people we met and became friends with. That's why we try to visit some dog shows to catch up with them but we haven't done it for a while because life got busy, I got pregnant and then the kid was still too small but this year we finally managed.

Funnily enough the people we hung out with in good old days were not there anymore. The dogs have grown old. Mom's dog Kato was 11 years old this month so most of them stopped taking their dogs to the shows already. Of course there are still the old breeders but we only met with a couple of them at this show. The rest decided to skip this show for one reason or another.

The kid though enjoyed watching the dogs. He was pointing them all out and he was very interested while they were shown running in the ring. Of course he called all Karst Shepherds Kato because of our dog.

Here's one photo of us on the right watching. It's from Kart Shepherd Club FB page.

P.S. If you're curious, that's a photo of Kato and me in my Blogger profile on the right when he was only a month old at the breeders. :)

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  1. I can find some of your nice punch!
    One looks like my dear passed dachshund. I had two of them and took successfully part of dog shows.
    Thanks for the post and happy PPG ❤

  2. Hello NatashaMay, yes I love your drawing of the doggies - they look so very cute all gathered together. Full of fun. A lot of them are very recognisable to me, you're a very good artist. I can understand your feelings about some of the other people at the dog shows, such a shame they are like that.
    Happy PPF :D)

  3. Great dog illustration - a dog show or a cat show.. something I would never do with my pet,
    but maybe there are animals that enjoy it?
    I don't believe it ...
    Happy weekend Nathasha

  4. wonderful illustration. Hubby and I have gone to local dog shows for many years now and have met some great breeders from which we have gotten our dogs (never to show them though). And like you said, not all are good:(
    Happy PPF!

  5. Great artwork of dog our family it is German Shepherds and Pit Bulls.

    It is rather sad that some of those from past dog shows weren't there this time.

    Time marches on.

    Happy PPF!!!


  6. Ohh I really like your K-9 art. I was a Vet Tech and going to the dog shows in my area was always fun and at time upsetting at how handlers acted towards the dogs. On the most part it was good though.

  7. One cute bunch. Have a nice weekend

    Much love...

  8. I love your art piece! So cute!! That is so interesting about the dog shows! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  9. Fantastic illustration at the start of this post and yes I can tell the breeds. I don't think I could 'do' a dog show. I think I'd be too bothered. I had a quick peek as to what a Karts Shepherd... they are like bears. I would imagine a fantastic animal to have in your life.
    Happy PPF to you


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