Friday, December 16, 2016

Handprint snowmen tree ornaments

Last year I made Christmas tree ornaments from my kid's footprint and handprint. This year I wanted to do something different because his hands and feet are a bit too large for hanging on the tree. :)

However, things didn't go as planned. I painted his hand which he was curious about and then I had to do a bit of coaching for him to hold the bauble. Ok, not perfect but that's fine. I wanted him to do another one but things went downhill pretty fast. The kid does not like his hands dirty. He was freaking out because of it. I quickly made another handprint with his hand which turned out messy and then we had to wash his hands.

No matter what I said to him, he wasn't going to let his hand get painted again. Ok, so I resorted to idea #2. Just fingerprints. That should be ok, right? No, no really. He was telling me to do it, so I did. I showed him how to stamp with my fingertip. He was curious about the paint on my fingertip so I tricked him into stamping his finger with the yellow paint. But that's it. We had to wash his hand again.
Fine. Let's do stamping with a cork, so we can finish the bauble. He wasn't particularly interested in that either. I had to help him but we did it in the end. The kid obviously doesn't take painting after me.:)

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  1. Cute baubles, even if there are only two! Your boy isn't alone in not liking his hands dirty at that age. Somehow having a face covered in food is fine, but dirty fingers? No way!

  2. These are so adorable...Cupcake hated dirty hands too... Time to sit him at the table for a little finger painting on paper...

    Hugs Giggles

  3. darn kids! Why do they want to be so clean! My grandson, age 8 3/4 is in a messy stage! I liked it better when he was more like your son! The ornaments are dear and will be a special memory for you both to laugh about in the future.

  4. These are delightful. Enjoy them on your tree and happy holidays. See you next year.

  5. Just lovely - maybe he will be an engineer or scientist and not an visual artist later-lol,
    I guess he will find fun in making his hands dirty just when he gets older!
    I made a workshop with 25 babies up to 19 month
    printing their feet and hands in salt dough and also printing fingerprints and feetprints with fingerpaint on paper -- and I rember that there were just some that didn't like it - the most found it very interesting. And I remember how prowd all the mothers were about the artwork! So continue creating with your boy - it makes babies so clever.
    I did many crafting with my daughter from early stage on and she is really skillfull and creative now ( she turns sweet 16 next february)
    A wish a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family !
    And all the best for the New Year !

  6. this handmade ornament looks amazing !
    i like kids who like to keep themselves clean as mostly they don't
    my youngest is really a messy painter and i am tired to wash his colorful shirts all the time but yet glad and let him do what he enjoys to do though!

  7. Clever and beautiful ornaments! Love them.

  8. the ornaments look nice and a good keepsake to have :)

    Happy PPF :)
    Jen #44

  9. That's such a great idea, Natasha May! And the ornaments are wonderful. Think what fun it will be when he is old enough to know what the situation was when these were made. Such memories!!! Have a great holiday and many blessings in 2017.

  10. Your baubles are beautiful! What a great idea. And what a sweet story. I can relate to that. While I like using my hands for painting, I don't like them to stay full of paint, so I have to keep running to the sink all the time... There are so many ways to be creative, I'm sure he'll find what suits him best :)


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