Friday, November 4, 2016

#inktober day 26-31

These are the last of inktober for this year. Rules were, you make an ink drawing each day the whole October and post it online with #inktober and #inktober2016. I posted on my FB page every day and here's the last Friday recap.

I told you about the PAT swap last week. This is the second group I entered and that's why I colored them as well.
The below one is actually a Moley spread. Go HERE to see what's it all about. :) This is the October spread which means I didn't get to show you September one since Inktober took all the blog space. I'll show it to you another time. Nicky chose the theme for this one and it's Music. I forgot to scan it before I colored it.

Linking to Paint Party Friday.
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  1. You are involved with so many things! Where do you get the time! Everything is brilliant! The Moley spread is so cool!

  2. they are all so pretty xo
    hugs xo Lisa
    happy PPF

  3. super illustrations and I actually like them just as much without the color. Happy PPF!

  4. Your InkTober work was delightful. Are you a little glad that the challenge is over? I loved it but was ready for a break.

    EAGHL/Granny Annie

  5. Your Moley spread is so cool!
    Happy PPF

  6. Awesome Inktober art! I'm loving the moley girl with her big hair! Looks fabulous :)

  7. These are accomplished so much...good for you! Love them!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. So much going on here. I love all of these pieces but the witch is my fave. Just wonderful.


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