Friday, November 11, 2016

Halloween Lydia

I figured I quickly show the Halloween cards before Holiday cards kick in. :) Last week was hard in our household. The kid got a fever and an ear ache and he's been down the whole week. And then on early Sunday morning my dad had a gallbladder attack and had to be taken to ER. Everyone is ok now and thankfully the weather calmed down a bit so I could take the kid out again since he's been acting out while cooped up inside the whole time. Last week it's been raining and the wind blew way too hard for my comfort. This week we had our first snowfall but a few sunny days as well.

Round Robin is a set of 3 ATC cards that are worked on by 3 artists. The first player starts the set with a certain theme, the 2nd player adds to it and the 3rd player finishes it. Then each gets to keep one card for their collection.

MissM started this one with pumpkin on the wall, I added Lydia and Tandy finished it with the background. I forgot to scan the cards when I got them from MissM so I don't have a pic of just her starter set.

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  1. Wonderful cards. So sorry your week was so hard... Poor little guy. I miss his photos..hope you post one of him in the snow at least! Have a better week!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. So sorry about the little one. Having your child get sick is always so scary. Your cards are great. I'm glad you had a chance to enter them here in PPF.

  3. Tough week but glad things are so much better Natasha. Your card collaborations always turn out so well and one would never guess it involves several different artists. Have a great weekend and happy PPF!

  4. I really love your ATC's. I haven't done any in ages(years). I have all the supplies, so should get back to it. They are nice to include with other communications.

  5. Very cute cards, Hope your next week is better!

  6. Sorry to hear about your dad. Sending you love and healing energy. I just love Lydia she is just too cool.

  7. Luv the idea of sharing art this way.
    Happy PPF

    MUCH LOVE...

  8. So sorry about your child and your father! I am so happy they are both doing better! Love the ATC's!!! Big Hugs!


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