Friday, November 25, 2016

Gypsy Moley

Remember when I told you about the Moley journals? Well, here's my first spread in LucyMc's Moley on the theme Bohemian- Gypsy.

I added a quote by Michelle Rose Gilman that says: "She had a gypsy soul and a warrior spirit... and she was glorious."

Don't know if you noticed but I deleted all pictures of my kid here and on my FB. The thing is, I'm not one of those people that believes in the privacy of their kids by not posting their pictures, nor am I paranoid they'll be kidnapped or something. It's a personal choice and I'm fine with it either way. I have family all over the world and I want to share my life with them in this way.

But this summer someone I had a business transaction with mentioned the second time we met that they saw on my FB that I had pets and blah, blah. Because only those pics are set public, everything else is friends only.

Nevertheless it bugged the hell out of me because what the actual f*ck are you doing snooping around the internet about me? Because all they had was my e-mail and of course my name. Ok, if I had my FB page somewhere they could just click and check out I would understand the curiosity but they had to go google my name and find my FB for no reason at all because I was the one buying a service from them and there was no reason for them to be checking me out. Even if they found this blog and for some reason assumed I was the same person, they would only get my FB art page and not my personal FB.

I tried to ignore this feeling for a while but it wouldn't go away. So I just decided that I'm going to delete all pictures of my kid on the internet to ease my mind.

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  1. I don't blame you for deleting all pictures of your child! There are some weird people out there! It would get me upset too, why this person would be checking you out??
    I love your art piece and I love the quote!
    Big Hugs!

  2. Awe...I so get it!! I'm glad you went with your gut on this one. However I will miss the little guy. As a mom I totally understand. What bugs me most is all the recommendations people get for people you don't want knowing your facebook. I even had an old neighbour keep sending me messages finally blocked him! I never liked him then don't want him in my life now. Love your adorable gypsy caravan...wonderful piece!! Thanks for sharing what you did of your was fun! I hope we can get a few verbal updates on occasion!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. You are right to be careful. So saying I was hoping to see how your little one has grown! I love your whimsical fairytale piece today!

  4. It's probably a good idea not to be too out there with photos of your precious son. My FB has a drawing for my page photo, not a real photo. There may not have been anything sinister in idle googling that the acquaintance did. Every now and then I will think of someone in the past and wonder how they are doing now. Everyone I know googles people, just interested in that person, nothing nefarious. But with a youngster, one has to be so careful these days. Your Gypsy Moley is so pretty.

  5. Oh, I love your gypsy, so lovely! Happy PPF!

  6. You did the right thing, by following your instinct

    enjoyed your gypsy painting and quote

    much love...

  7. Children should not be posted on FB until they are old enough to post their own pictures or at least give you consent to post theirs. Love Gypsy Moley:-)

  8. It's good to listen to that inner voice and do what makes you feel safe. Love your journal page!

  9. Love your bohemian gypsy... I'm a creative bohemian soul myself ♥
    xo Michelle #49 at PPF


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