Friday, June 17, 2016

Turkey vulture and a chicken

  • the kid likes fruit. Every day we pick wild strawberries around our fence, we have a bush of redcurrant in our yard and he picks it every time he passes it, cherries are popular as well. He seems to have forgotten all about bananas that he loved so much.
  • I was the kid that had to spit out all the pits. Even to this day I can't eat watermelon without removing pits and I don't like redcurrant or blackcurrant because of it. But my kid eats it all. He ate 3 cherry pits by accident because I didn't hold on to the cherry strong enough. :)
  • we were at my cousin's birthday party over the weekend and the kid had a blast. There was this young boy that played his accordion and my kid couldn't get enough of him. He stood nearby and wiggled his little butt the whole time. :)
  • my uncle has a farm so the kid got to pet little 3 days old chicks. The last time we were visiting a couple of weeks ago, he got to see pigs, baby rabbits and 3 foals as well. He got scared by the big horses and by the rooster because he never heard it before. We only have hens at home.

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  1. Love your paintings - especially the 'chuck' -- gorgeous. Sounds like life is good. I love it when children can be connected with animals - changes their lives. hugs, Donna

  2. great cards! And how lucky to have an uncle with a farm to visit. Happy PPF!

  3. Wonderful cards! Love all the weekly stories. I never liked the seeds of anything either! Thankfully most of the watermelon rarely has seeds any longer! Adorable photo!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. What wonderful birds and I love the random information.

  5. Beautiful bird paintings! I love birds in paintings.

  6. He has grown so much already! Time flies ... How nice that he's able to experience nature up close at your uncle's farm!

  7. How can I say that the turkey vulture is pretty? I think they are one of the grossest looking creatures. However, you did an excellent job in painting one. Also the chicken.

  8. Your kid sounds adorable! Very nice sketches.

  9. Wonderful turkey and chicken .. Tristan has grown so much already! Lovely!
    oxo Susi

  10. Lovely sketches with great details and personality!


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