Friday, June 10, 2016

Girl with a Bee and a Witch

  • my computer crashed again and I had to have Windows reinstalled again. That means I lost everything that I haven't saved on external disc.
  • I translated some food recipes because we don't use "cups" in our kitchen and now it's all lost and I don't feel like translating it again.
  • I found Starch Solution diet and I'm going to try it.
  • kid is crazy about vehicles. Any kind would do. He saw this trolley in the grocery store and loved it. It took us an hour to do our shopping. :)
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  1. Especially like "girl with bee". Your son is adorable. Boys do seem to gravitate to vehicles at an early age. Sorry about your computer crash. I hope all is not as lost as you think.

  2. Wonderful girls!!
    Awwww for your pc... :(

  3. My computer is playing up this week Natasha, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it settles down again.
    I remember spending literally hours waiting for my son on supermarket rides, when he was young.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope your computer behaves.
    Happy PPF to you

  4. super ATCs! Boy computers can be SO good, and then they can be SO bad too! Love that there are these car options in grocery stores for the little ones-they didn't have those when my son was little. Happy PPF!

  5. Love your girl art! Adorable! Sorry about your computer! What a pain! Your little one is so cute! Big Hugs!

  6. Oh no so sorry about your computer losses... ouch that hurts!! Your son looks like such a big boy behind the they grow fast!! Adorable!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Oh no... I am so sorry about your computer and the loss of alllll that was on it! Ugh.
    Isn't the relationships between boys and wheels just the funniest thing? An wheel - steering wheel, vehicle wheel, picture of a wheel... they just gravitate to it and are sooo enamored... even into adulthood. Hahaha, I love it. It sollves many bored moments - just find a wheel to show them!
    Very cute art, as always.

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  9. I like both girls, they are so cute with the gorgeous eyes you create. So sorry about the crash. I lost all my pictures I didn't have backed up. It was a weird week for my electronics. Hope all is well now. What program do you use to edit your photos of your work. I am looking for a free one. Big hugs, Rasz


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