Friday, June 24, 2016

Fox & Baby Dragon

You know that crazy game called soccer? Yeah, it's everywhere you turn these days since it's European cup or whatever they're playing. So, we took a stroll through the city and found this bunch of guys and of course we had to take a pic of our boy as well. :)
On Wednesday the kid fell from the sofa and broke his collarbone. We spent the afternoon in ER but were fairly quickly done I must say. I've never had a broken bone so this is a new territory for me. The fall didn't look that bad to break a bone. He's only 17 months.

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  1. I do enjoy watching a European soccer game on occasion. Cute fox! And your poor boy- oh my that must have been frightening but he seems to be tolerating the fracture along with the bandaging pretty well.

  2. poor kid... they fall and break thing so easily at that age... sure you were worried... but he is back riding so he's well and truly on the mend... hope it isn't too painful for him...xx

  3. Poor little dude... hope he's mends quickly. Breaks my heart when children get hurt or are in pain!! Such a sweet face in the soccer photo!! Lovely artwork...the fox has my heart!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Very cute ATC's The boy sounds like my son at that age. He fell off his tricycle and broke his collarbone at that age and broke it several more times as he was growing. The bright side is that he has very good posture because of all of the times he had to wear one of those braces. :) Raising kids is a hard job.

  5. You made me laugh with the soccer picture! LOL! Love your fox and baby dragon! Too cute!
    I am so sorry about your son! I hope he heals safe and quickly! Big Hugs!


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