Friday, May 20, 2016

Animals with Accessories

Well, I forgot it's Friday today. Lol That never happens. Three ATCs (artist trading cards) with animals and their accessories. The middle is a hippy chicken and my attempt at tie-dye T-shirt. It's not easy to draw that's for sure.

Look what the kid got. :) He's interested in it so far and he wants to climb on it but he's too short for now.

  • It's my hubby's birthday today.
  • I had my third session with the manual therapy today. It's like chiropractic but with no pain. Unless you count the bruises I got from the massage afterwards. :)
  • The kid needs a haircut. A professional this time. Hubby wants to be there as well so it's a hassle to set up an appointment for a specific hour.
  • He's a little off sleeping schedule today. He got a late nap because I wasn't home and then he napped longer than usual and now it's 8 p.m. and he's still up. Usually I get him in bed between 5-6 p.m.
  • We're visiting my grandmother tomorrow so I hope he wakes up early so he can then nap in the car over there or he'll be cranky.
  • I'm searching for a Pilates class nearby. Doctor's order. :) No, literally. He said it would benefit me more than yoga.
  • I ate a freaking delicious vegan cherry and chocolate muffin today. Really crazy good. :) No, I didn't make it. When I try to make something healthy it doesn't always taste good. :) 
  • Do you have crows that chase you if you go near their territory when they have young? It used to happen to me in the park before we moved and they were usually attacking my dogs but I've seen them attack an old lady that had to defend herself with an umbrella. Freaky.

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  1. What darling little animals and your little one looks sweet. I haven't been chased by crows or seen that, but a couple of squirrels jumped on my mother's head and scratched her and jumped off... It was near the stairs and I doubt they had young there, but there's no predicting animals sometimes. I still love squirrels, I just know they have the potential to be unpredictable...

  2. Adorable critters, the little boy too.

  3. Adorable critter and your boy is getting big. When I bake healthy it doesn't taste so good either. LOL Have a great weekend.

  4. Your ATC cards are SO sweet! :D

  5. Your hippie chicken is so cute! Cut, your kid's hair! You are doing a great job! Don't waist your money! Crows are protective! Happy birthday to your hubby! I hope the therapy is going well! Big Hugs!

  6. I used to cut my daughters hair in the tub when she was little. She'd be so distracted that it was easy to do. Adorable characters... Tristan looks like he's teething with those red cheeks!! Such a sweetheart thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Your ATCs are always beautiful. And look at you little man! He is growing up fast! <3


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