Friday, April 29, 2016

Zetti Animals

Zetti art style doesn't have a set standard but it includes bright colors, hats/crowns, stripes (legs, neck, arms), butterfly wings, mismatched head and body, too big/human face features, dots, borders, etc. It's usually made out of collage/mixed media but for this swap everything had to be hand drawn. Oh, and I hosted the swap. :)
Random stuff:
  • we're picking up a used tricycle for the kid on Tuesday. I rarely buy new things for the baby, it's all mostly from friends or I buy them second-hand. The prices for new things are ridiculous and they mostly last for a couple of months before the kid outgrows it.
  • don't get me started on baby shoes. It's one thing you kind of have to buy new and the price is twice the amount I spend on my own shoes. And my shoes last longer than his, that's for sure. 
  • baby boy has 4 teeth on top and 3 on bottom. I've been waiting for the 4th on the bottom to come out and didn't pay attention to the back of the mouth where the fifths came out, top and bottom on his left side. I find it strange they didn't come out in order.
  • this photo was taken before it snowed on Wednesday. There was 20 cm (8˝) of snow yesterday but we got sun in the afternoon so everything is melting now. The snow broke a couple of our fruit trees though.

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  1. I've never heard of Zetti before but I love it - they're so colourful and cute! Your wee lad is getting so big! That's a lot of snow - what a shame about your fruit trees!

  2. you have that zetti style down pat-these cards are super!Adorable shot of the little guy-I bet he never takes a bad picture:)

  3. Wonderful colorful pieces. Wunderschön bunt!
    Happy PPF!!
    MiSchra ♥ #25 this week on PPF

  4. These are so bright and cheerful. I especially loved the little bird. Sweet photos!

  5. Great colourful drawings and lovely photos. Happy PP Friday!

  6. Oh my, I LOVE these zetti characters so much...just adorable as is that little toothy smile on Tristan! He made me smile big time!! Too bad about the fruit tree.. must have been very old. Thanks for sharing...great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. the zetti work is amazing!

  8. Love the zetti animals! So cute! I can't believe all the snow you got! Glad it's gone now! Baby boy is so adorable! Have fun with the tricycle!

  9. I LOVE looking at your son's pictures :oD
    Wow, snow this late in April?? We reached 38 C this week... not good either!

    I love your Zetti art!

  10. He is getting so big and so adorable!!! I would be in tears if I got snow this late in the season... although it has been known to happen :( Very cute art too.

  11. I love your hand drawn zetti!!


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