Friday, April 8, 2016

Whimsy Portraits

  • baby had high fever this weekend and vomited, he's ok now but still has diarrhea which is fun :)
  • it turns out my hubby can't handle our kid being sick, they had to give him a "calming down" pill when we were at the doctor's on Friday night
  • my allergies are acting up, I had to take a pill yesterday because my eyes were too itchy
  • my vacuum cleaner broke down, I need to vacuum every day because of dog and cat hair and apparently the abuse has taken its toll

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  1. Sorry, baby boy was sick! Not fun! I hope you and your hubby feel better! Have good luck getting a new vacuum! Love the picture and love your art! Hugs!

  2. Sounds like you've had a full plate this week. Glad to hear baby is getting better - he certainly looks very laid back in that photo!

  3. Oh there's nothing as stressful as babys getting sick. Glad to read he's better and he looks absolute fine in the photo.

  4. I'm glad your baby is better. It's stressful..sounds like you need a Riccar vacuum.

  5. Oh those viruses are awful aren't they? Glad the doc took care f both baby and hubby:) He looks so relaxed and comforted in his crib-darling photo. Great whimsy portraits!

  6. Surprising that with so many drawbacks have time to paint something, by the way your baby is gorgeous, hope you soon mejoréis both.
    Saludos desde España

  7. Awe poor little guy and poor daddy too!! It always takes a toll on parents when kids are sick...even when they grow up!!Great portraits and thanks for the adorable photo of Tristan!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Fun little portraits and I'm glad everyone is feeling better there!


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