Friday, April 1, 2016

Nothing in common PAT cards ATC

Today's April Fools' day. I'm not really that fond of it. I mean, people lie to you about random stuff and then they call April Fool. I don't find that funny. And it's kind of obvious that everything and anything remotely unrealistic or suspicious would instantly be taken for a prank. Yes, I'm one of those people that won't believe anything you say on this day but if I do for some odd reason, I'm rolling my eyes at you when you're yelling April Fool at me.

For me a prank should be really elaborate and believable to really work. Just saying, look I bought you a soda then calling April Fool because it was diet soda, is just stupid. And so are all the "honey, I'm pregnant" pranks.

Do you have any really good April Fools' day stories?

Edit: And here I go forgetting it's April Fools' day this morning and falling for an engagement prank. :)

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  1. I usually feel as though it is a bit mean spirited on April Fools day... not a fan at all... lovely atc's and happy ppf

  2. I just left a comment but something happened and it has disappeared so I apologise if this is a duplicate! I agree about April Fool's day - it's a silly tradition and I'm not a fan of pranks in general - especially as I can be gullible and tend to believe people when they tell me things as I guess I just expect people to tell the truth (bigger fool me!) I really like these random ATCs - the cat is cool!

  3. marvelous ATCs! I'm not really a fan of this silly holiday either. In France it's called "poisson d'Avril where school children (and yes, some goofy adults) tack a paper fish on someone's back and shout out the phrase. Happy PPF!

  4. Your art works look great. My favorite is the humpty dumpty

  5. Humpty looks happy maybe he didnt fall

    Happy PPF

    much love...

  6. Your cards are great! I especially like the cat. He looks slightly peeved. ;)
    I'm not a big fan of April Fools Day either!

  7. I like the lighthouse! It is a beacon of safety! The others are great, too!

  8. I'm not an fan of April fools day either for all the reasons you speak of...I too find it mean spirited! When my daughter was young we moved her trampoline out of sight...she thought it was was only moments til she found it and we all laughed like crazy..Other than that one time for fun I have never pulled any pranks because I hate them!! I did see where a guy said you could take an empty starbucks cup...put a magnet in it and place it on the top of your car....I thought that was kind of fun!! People would be honking at you thinking you forgot your coffee....That one made me laugh...but it might be a road hazard too!! So I say NO to April fools! Wonderful ATC...I miss Tristan!!:(

    Hugs Giggles

  9. I love your art! Is that a crow in the upper right hand side? He looks very handsome in his hat! I love the cat too! I love them all! LOL! I don't think I've had any real April fool's day jokes done to me.

  10. I always try and find a fun and harmless joke--something everyone can laugh at and no one feels bad. Very cute art. xo


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