Friday, April 15, 2016

Mushrooms and Frogs

Round Robin  started with the mushroom from Tandy, I added the frog and Linda4atc finished with the rest.

  • I tried to make a pudding from chia seeds but I messed it up and it looked like fish eggs. :) 
  • I never liked eating mushrooms but I read somewhere that it would be beneficial for me if I did, so here I am eating mushrooms for the past week and looking for new recipes. I still cringe at the texture of it in my mouth though.
  • there's an open kitchen event every Friday in our capitol city where different restaurants come to the market and sell their food on the stands. I've never been but we're going today to taste the vegan foods. :)
  • I started writing my family tree again. I was very motivated awhile back but then gave up because it's hard to get any information beyond what grandparents remember. And data for our country is not online like it is for USA for example. Hopefully my mom's cousin will give me some info since he made his family tree some years ago.
  • here's baby boy with my mom's dog Kato. He has to wear the baby cap because it's so freaking windy here and I don't want him to get an earache. I need to buy some summer hats but they're not selling them yet.

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  1. Beautiful illustrations and a smart handsome boy :) God bless!!

  2. I love seeing so many marvelous RR pieces-you all coordinate your parts so well! Tristan is certainly growing quickly. Happy PPF and have a fab weekend!

  3. Great mushrooms and a lovely photo. Happy Friday!

    Love and hugs

  4. The frog is wonderful in the community painting! And your baby is so precious with the big dog.

  5. Your mushrooms are adorable!

  6. The mushrooms and frogs are so cute! Happy PPF!

  7. Baby boy with the dog is so cute! I love your frogs and mushrooms!
    I also love eating mushrooms! You can put them in anything! Soup, pasta, salad, fry them on their own. I laughed about the pudding, sorry! LOL! Hugs!

  8. Love the photo of Tristan and the sweet! I used to have those kind of mushrooms in the adorable. Mushrooms are an acquired taste for years I didn't like them...for the same reason as you! Try frying them in soya sauce or Avocado oil. Mushrooms are suppose to be a super food too!! Avocado oil is our favorite oil to cook with...makes everything taste better.On Popcorn is my fav snack! We have chia seeds, hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds in a fruit smoothy that often has kale or spinach in it daily. That is breakfast every morning...we all love it!! We freeze the fruit first then blend it dairy either.

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Love the mushrooms and what a cute photo.


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