Friday, March 4, 2016

Random cards for PAT

I haven't done a PAT (Pick-a-Theme Swap) in a while. These are the latest bunch of ATCs. I anyome makes ATCs and is interested in trading, you can join ATCs for All forum. It's a great site.

  • we had a couple of nice sunny days among a lot of rain but now it's snowing again
  • baby boy likes climbing on dogs, we have 3 of them but only one lets him. Karma's the one.
  • I have a new phone. I'm not really fond of smart phones because I only need a phone to call and nothing else but I succumb this week because I had to change my mobile package and it required me to buy a new phone along with it and I really didn't have much choice since most of them are now smart phones. So here I am now with a fancy phone that I don't use. It makes better photos than my last one so that'll be fun if I forget my camera. :)
  • My cat Charlie and my mom's cat Dos had a fight the other day. These two are the only ones of my 7 and mom's 4 that hate each other. There's always a fight when they cross each others path. This time they were on the garage and locked together that I had to put an effort to pry them apart. I used a broom because once I went in with my hands and my own cat bit me to the bone I had to go on antibiotics. I don't have to mention there was fur everywhere but luckily it didn't seem that either of them suffered any injuries.

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  1. What a cute picture! ♥
    Hey, I feel the same about my cell! I like the camera, I do not use the rest, except to txt my kids. How sad that they not make other good phones for those of us that do not want a "smart" one...
    Happy PPF!

  2. New phone here too-but besides just for quick calls or messages I'd use it for photos-except the camera won't work and I'm just not ready to deal with trying to get it fixed:( Love the pic of Tristan with the sweet doggie!Fun ATCs too.

  3. Oh Natasha smart phones are awesome... the picture thing can send a photo anywhere. It makes life so much easier...I hope you embrace it. Anything you need to know how to do you can google and there are youtube videos...most things are really straight forward!! I love the cow and the babushka fun...all wonderful...and baby boy is a doll...sorry about the injury from the cat fight!!

  4. Great art as always. I just had to go with a smart phone. I hate it. I have turned everything off in it. I just want a phone nothing else. LOL

  5. that is quite dramatic... poor cats... and the photo on the dog is so adorable...xx

  6. Well you know what they say--the best camera is the one you have with you! Great pic of child and pet. xo

  7. I love the picture and I love your aceo's!!! You had to use a broom to get them apart?? Wow! That is some fight!

  8. I love your cards! Too bad about the cat fights - who knows what goes on inside their heads? Love the pic of your son and the dogs! Have a great week :)

  9. What cute cards! And the picture is adorable, too. So sad about your kitties. I am glad you were not hurt. :D


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