Friday, March 18, 2016

Horse & a chubby Unicorn

Since I don't work at the moment we decided to keep baby boy at home until he's a bit older to put him in kindergarten. If both parents work, which is accustomed to in our culture, the baby usually goes to nursery at 11 months old. We're planning for next year when he'll be 2 and a half years old. Right now I'm looking for different options available to us. The thing is, our options are limited since we moved out of the city and even more so since we're vegetarian. 

In our country you kind of have to attend public kindergartens in the municipality you live in. Sometimes you can get one in a different municipality but it's difficult to get in because if there's a waiting list (which for the capital city it's huge) everyone that lives in that municipality has precedence over others that don't.

In this day and age you'd think kindergartens would be more flexible about food but it's almost the opposite. If you want any other food than the one they offer, you need a note from a doctor stating the child needs a special diet because of health reasons. Of course vegetarian and vegan food is considered a diet so you'd need a doctors note for it which of course no doctor is going to give you unless there are health reasons like allergies. Some kindergartens have a vegetarian menu (vegan menu is only a dream) and there are even three units in a certain public kindergarten that are exclusively vegetarian but of course none in our municipality.

The other option is a private kindergarten which costs more. I looked into Montessori which we actually have not far away from us but the vegetarian diet is an issue again. The other I like is a Waldorf's kindergarten which is exclusively vegetarian but it's in the city that is 45 minutes away. 

I find it so frustrating that in this day and age I need to make such decisions to either not give a crap what my child eats and have him in a kindergarten nearby or drive 45 minutes into the city and pay way more for a private kindergarten. I already kind of gave up on the notion of him not eating dairy. Even vegetarian kindergartens need a doctor's note to exclude dairy from the child's menu.
And then there's the other thing. Do I put my child in a public kindergarten where he gets lost in a number of children or I put him in a private one with smaller number of kids per group? If we decide on a private kindergarten, will the one closer to my hubby's work be better or the Waldorf's one since I'm kind of looking into Waldorf's school as well and being in their kindergarten gives you a better starting point when applying?

We have another year to decide but it's already stressing me out.

P.S. Please don't lecture me about letting the child decide whether to eat meat or not. I have my own views on that and they obviously differ from yours.

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  1. Well that's a tricky one. You've made a decision that makes life hard on you. The very best thing would be to start your own kinder garden,there might be more parents that would love that.Good luck with making your decision.

  2. darling ATCS! Boy, what a difficult decision you have before you. When my son was in kindergarten it was a small class despite it being a public school-and they didn't serve meals. It was a half day and they only got a little snack. The good ole days-because that has changed here now too. Perhaps if you could actually go visit these possible places when in session it would help?

  3. Oh poor you! The whole world is changing on the issue of food so I don't understand why there isn't more tolerance. Parents should be able to send a special lunch of their preference. Parents send their own lunch here in Canada but there are many restrictions now because of so many allergies!! Many kids go to preschool early, but only Kindergarten at 5 is mandatory as far as I know!! Sorry for all your worry! The world is evolving around this issue, just not fast enough!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. No lecture from me, my friend! I feel bad for you and your hubby! A year is not that far away! I wish you both the best! Give baby boy a hug from me! Love your horse and chubby unicorn!

  5. no lecture here... Phants grew up with no dairy, eggs or red meat due to allergies... and then gluten as well... and she has grown into the healthiest wonderful person in the world... still eats as a pescatarian and is as fit as a horse, so stick to your guns... the options for you are tough... the worry and decisions are endless... you will be in my thoughts...

  6. What ever decisions you make I wish you and your family the very best! Sending you positive energy! Happy ppf

  7. You won't get a lecture from me. I had this problem in the US in the 1970s when my kids were in school. We were vegans and I made everything from scratch. I fought the schools for years. Good luck and hopefully in a year things may change.

  8. I find it disturbing that they think they have the right to decide what your child eats. Having to get a doctors note is ridiculous! The worst acid forming foods are dairy and meat, and this is the garbage they want to force each child to eat. I cannot believe they do not have vegetarian options at all preschools, that needs to change. I don't think enough people are aware of what the standard diet does to the human body...the effects don't always show up till later. It's a shame that no one blinks an eye when they see a family bringing home junky take out food for their child, but if they see a child eating vegetarian/vegan, they are horrified and actually think the child is being abused! we live in a nutty world, you will have to make the best decision you can. Is there no option to bring your own food?


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