Friday, March 25, 2016


I recently hosted a Geisha swap and these three were my contribution to it.
  • This boy loves this dog. :) I'm so glad she lets him bother her the way he does. We have two other dogs that are not as friendly so she's the sole target. Wherever she rests he goes to her and sits near her or hugs her or sits on her or lies on top of her. She has her limits though and runs off if he gets too bothersome but never growls at him like the other two do. 
  • I bathed both my pooches last Sunday so they're both squeaky clean and smell nice.
  • There was an open door event at Waldorf's kindergarten yesterday and it was fun to check it out. Baby boy was with us even though it was close to his bedtime and found everything interesting and exciting.

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  1. Wonderful geishas. And your baby is so adorable. I'm glad he has a canine friend.

  2. Your Geishas are beautifully drawn. I'm sure who ever got yours was made very happy. Baby boy is so sweet and loving. I'm glad the dog friend tolerates his companionship!

  3. Very nicely done on the Geishas. It is a grand thing to have a dog that just lets the kids do what ever to them. Happy Easter.

  4. love your Geishas Natasha!! Love that pic of Tristan hugging his pup:) Happy PPF!

  5. Nice entries for the Geisha swap. There is so much going on in this art world it is impossible to keep up.


  6. Love each one has a different personality.
    Carmen L

  7. Hi Natashamay! Beautiful Geisha's! What a great swap. Baby boy sure does love his dog. I think all kids need a dog to grow up with. It's a special bond. I hope you find a school that is going to work soon. Big hugs, Rasz

  8. Baby boy looks so cute with the puppy! Your Geisha's are fantastic! I hope you find a great school!


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