Friday, February 26, 2016

Bunnies and turtles

I started this Round Robin set with the turtle and thought it would stay black and white but it took a colorful turn. Linda4atc added the bunny and Tandy finished it with the background and she also colored in my turtle. Love how it turned out.

  • I found Celebrities read mean Tweets videos on Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube channel. It's freaking hilarious. :)
  • Grandma was visiting for a while and we took her home on Saturday. Baby boy came along and saw all his second cousins. 
  • Baby boy is taking his first steps. It's so weird. We don't even have to coach him. He just randomly gets up or lets go and walks 5 steps.
  • I've been drinking ginger and turmeric tea. It's supposed to be helping with weight loss. We shell see. It's only my 3rd day today.
  • I started yoga again after I took a break for about 2 months. My hips are hurting again. They've been aching since I've given birth.
  • Baby boy is a biter. I have bruises on my arms and even on my leg to prove it. :)

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  1. It's fun to see how art changes through collaboration. I love how your turtles turned out. It sounds like your little one soon needs to be looked well after. Starting to run around is a time of change I remember as very busy.

  2. It always amazes me how even though this is painted and drawn by three different artists it looks like it could have been done by the one artist - I love it!

  3. your collaborative ATCS always come together so perfectly-these are delightful!

  4. Love your turtle and the art piece it became as it moved from one place to another. Sorry about the cutie being a biter. Necessary to stop but difficult to do.

  5. love the turtles, and not so loving the biting stage... poor you... it is a tough one to stop as well, sure you will handle it though... hang in there... he looks so lovely and happy so you are obviously doing a fabulous job!!!!

  6. I absolutely love the illustration! I love your random thoughts. :) Very lovely and happy weekend! Happy PPF!

  7. I always am impressed with your round robins. So much talent. I drink ginger and turmeric as part of my regime for lupus. It keeps the inflammation down. Have a great weekend.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Can that little boy get any cuter... love the little socks, his gorgeous eyes, so adorable!! Love your turtle should have it enlarged for Tristan.. or make a little picture book. Love how you list the things that happen during the week!! My daughter was a biter too!! Bit her dads toe and his nose so hard...I think I saw tears!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. The turtle and the rabbit are so cute! Yeh, baby boy is walking! Tell baby boy biting is not good! Good luck on the weight loss! Hugs!

  11. Very cool collaboration! Ooo the little bugger! My cousin was a biter--happily she grew out of it. Hang in there mom! xo


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