Friday, February 19, 2016

Black & White

Some miscellaneous black and white ATCs. I've done more but I showed them in a themed post. These don't really have a theme of their own and I probably won't be doing any friends for them so here they are. :)

Don't know if I mentioned before but I take a crazy amount of baby photos. I'm not kidding when I say there are between 300 - 500 photos a month. I make photo books instead of printing them and putting them in an album. Needless to say it's insane to select a certain number of photos.

My first thought was to put baby's first year in one photo book which has 50 pages and you can get from 1-10 photos per page. Cramming 10 photos on a page makes them pretty small so I opted for around 4-6 photos per page. I quickly realized a year worth of photos won't fit in just one book so I naively thought I'd put 6 months in one book. No, that wouldn't fit all my photos either so I crammed 3 months into 1 photo book. I refuse to make a book for each month. 

I've already made 2 books for the first 6 months but these days I've been slaving over the last 6 months since it was baby's birthday at the beginning of the month. Plus my mom has a birthday coming up and I'm making one for her as well.

I don't know how long it took me to select photos but it's been days. I do know though that it takes me 2 hours to put all photos in one book and edit everything. But I've done it while the baby was sleeping. I can't wait to get the books in my hands.
This happened because it was raining and I couldn't find the plastic thingy that goes over the stroller. Baby was helpful and held the umbrela so the wind wouldn't blow it away. :)

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  1. I love the turtle! Ha, I laughed at the amount of photos you take of your baby purely because I take almost as many of our dogs! I haven't put them into photo books though! Sounds like you'll be kept busy if you're planning to do that for every month of his life!!

  2. fun ATCs! I think the books are such a great idea but you're right about all the time it takes to put one together. I still haven't tried making one and yet when I see those of a friend I think I should get to it even if it means blocking out a chunk of time:)

  3. Fun ATC's, and I especially like the eye. I wonder what kind of surprise it took to get an eye like that. Good luck in choosing and making the photo books.

  4. Great b/w's atc's. Your baby sure has grown.:)

  5. Love your sketches they are all so good! This is what I saw one mother of three do... she is super organize...because she has to be. She takes one or two really good photos of one or the other children everyday...posts to instagram with a small blurb about what's going on....and then she has the chat books made up from instagram...they are adorable and pretty affordable too!!Her instagram is set to private as well!! Look them up online for more info... then you don't have to do all the editing... because you do it daily when you post your photos! You can make collages on photogrid app...if you want to post four photos at a time on instagram! Hope that helps for down the road when life gets even busier!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I can't believe how much your baby has grown. I guess they do that right? LOL Great face and really nice turtle.

  7. How cute is your baby.. Loved your sketches.
    Happy PPF
    Vicki-Ann :)

  8. I love baby with the umbrella! Too cute! Wow, that is a lot of pictures, but I understand! Have fun creating the books! Love the turtle! Hugs!

  9. Wonderful work!! Love the black and white! Happy PPF :)

  10. I love black and white. Photography too. I started to illustrate a book in black and white recently and it just did not work for me! It was a first. Love your illustrations. Thanks! xo


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