Friday, January 8, 2016

Victorian ladies

For this Round Robin  Linda4atc made the Victorian ladies, mcgillisj added the horse in the above set and I finished it with the background. I added some steampunk as I thought the sky was too bare.
In this one I added the dog and Tandy finished it with the background.
We have snow and baby boy is enjoying himself. :)

Linking to Paint Party Friday.
Self-study classes: Cotton Candy Girls & Crazy Hair Ladies

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  1. Fabulous art ! Love to see your little Tristan - He looks like a mini santa on the sledge with his sledge dogs beside
    Happy PPF!

  2. Here is always so joyful feeling. Thanks for it.
    Happy PPF and weekend xx

  3. it always amazes me how your round robins work so well despite being done by three different artists - your styles gel together perfectly! Lucky you having snow - your little man looks toasty all bundled up!

  4. marvelous ATCS!! I remember having to bundle a little one up in one of those suits-they could hardly move in them:)

  5. Nice to meet you and see your lovely art and family. I'm new around the blog world. Happy to say that I am a new follower. Dea

  6. Nice round robin...adorable boy and pups!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Oohhh I really like these Victorian ladies. It looks like they came from one artist.

  8. This is such a great result. I love to see how each stage comes about.
    Such a cute photo too... I thought it might be son of Santa for a moment.
    Happy PPF to you

  9. Baby boy is so cute!!! Those Victorian ladies rock! WOW!


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