Friday, November 13, 2015

More Dogs

To remind you what Round Robin is. It's a set of 3 ATC cards that are worked on by 3 artists. The first player starts the set with a certain theme, the 2nd player adds to it and the 3rd player finishes it. Then each gets to keep one card for their collection.

Below MACE started the set with the pooch, I added the ire hydrant and MissM finished it all amazingly.
 And a couple of more dog cards. People like dogs, I guess. :) I have two of my own, I'm not complaining.
Look! Baby teeth. :) There are 3 so far. Two at the bottom and one on top. Baby has been ill since Sunday. He caught a cold and had a fever for a couple of days. He's better now but still has the cough.

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  1. Dogs are great :) Your baby is so cute. Here in Turkey we say "knock on wood", may he be blessed. Happy PPF :)

  2. Love all the dogs, and baby's teeth are looking great! Hugs, Valerie

  3. great ATCs and my how tristan is growing. Man, those blue eyes are gonna have the girls swarming all over him:) Glad to hear he's feeling better. Happy PPF!

  4. Love the dog round robin and all the dogs here! I am a dog lover too and except for the last few years always had two as well!! Oh and look at your adorable cute... such a kissable little face!!

    Big hugs to your little family!

  5. Great puppies. Beautiful Baby! xoDonna

  6. These are great pieces of dogs. A very cute baby too.

  7. Love your dogs!! Big Hugs to your little one!


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