Friday, November 20, 2015

Antler Girls

  1. I bought something I thought was vegan lasagna but when I opened it there was a plastic bag filled with water and vegetable called konjac. Apparently you can use it instead of pasta but you still have to make the lasagna yourself.
  2. I again have time to read books. When I'm putting my baby to sleep I read my kindle to pass the time.
  3. Remember when I told you our dishwasher broke as well as the induction cooking plate and my computer? Well the car broke down as well this week. It's fixed now but the expenses are adding up.
  4. My little dog Kika got her haircut on Wednesday.
  5. Baby still has the cough and it seem my dad caught it from him as well.
Look a this bed hair. :)

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  1. Four very sweet faces,
    happy PPF xx

  2. who grew the antlers first... the girls or the baby !!!

    Beautiful :)

  3. Hey Natasha, life has a lot of freakin crappola it likes to deal you at various times, so I am hoping things pick up quickly and the gods that rule appliances start to behave and the colds disperse and times are happy healthy and sunny asap, love your art, take care & sending love from Oz x

  4. Sweet antler girls and Tristan looks adorable -even with bed hair!

  5. PPF girls wear anthers well

    happy PPF

    much love...

  6. Oh I hope things look up for you soon... All those things at once are so rough. Love your antler girls and that precious face with bed cute...what a handsome little guy...he makes everything better!! Sending love and light for good health for all of you and wishing you abundance!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I really like your antler girls and the bed hair is so sweet! Sorry for all the broken things - so frustrating!

  8. What a charming post today. I am loving your faces, all four of them :)
    Have a lovely week.

  9. I love his bed hair! I hope he is feeling better! Antler girls are so cute! I hope nothing else breaks down!


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