Friday, October 23, 2015

Bunch of Witches and a Vampire

A vampire girl and her witchy girlfriend. :)
I love this Round Robin.:) Linda4atc started the set with the legs. At this point you can put anything above and mcgillisj decided to draw a witch since it was Halloween time and I finished the whole thing with the cat and background.
I don't know if you remember this but years ago (in 2012) I made the above girl stamp out of an eraser and traded it with Amy. Before I sent it to her, I made several prints with it on ATC sized watercolor cards and this one is the very last one. I made her into a witch. :)

Is it still Mercury retrograde? I never gave a second thought about this and didn't really believe in it but stuff is breaking down in our home. First the dishwasher broke and we had to get a new one, on Wednesday the induction cooking plate (or whatever it's called) broke and we had to get it fixed, then my camera froze - granted it was doing that before from time to time and I've been having computer trouble since Monday. :( I'm not happy.

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  1. cute little witches, NatashaMay! hugs, Donna

  2. They are kind looking witches. Love ♥

  3. Yes it was but there are residual affects until the 25th.. My daughter has just been shaking her head for the last three weeks... we have been without a fridge working properly for over six weeks. Been three weeks warm.... bought parts to fix it to no avail...and now have one on order...I feel your pain!! Horrible with a little one...Your art is adorable though. Hope it all gets straightened out for you! Check online for recalls on the induction stove. I have one burner that doesn't work properly on was only fours years old when that happened! Good luck to both of us!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Oh that Mercury! I do hope things improve and you can get back to good working order soon. Sweet Halloween ATCS!

  5. I wonder if it has the same effect in the southern hemisphere because we have been having things blowing fuses and the like for the past few weeks!!! hope it all gets sorted for you soon... xx

  6. Love the witches and the vampire! Too cute. Yes Mercury was in retrograde and I had a very difficult month of things breaking, my body taking forever to heal and just weird stuff that stressed me out. I am Pisces so I am not sure if it effects everyone the same. I am going out to my favorite astrologist and find out.How did you make a witch stamp? That seems so hard and yet she is darling and looks like she was just drawn on. Time to make new ones? Hugs, Rasz #60

  7. Love these witchy art pieces but my fave is the vampire!
    Hope everything gets back to normal.

  8. I surely hope things get better for you--sometimes that old saying, "when it rains, it pours," feel so true. I love your drawings--they are darling.

  9. Vampire girl and witchy friend are quite adorable. Blessings, Janet PPF


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