Friday, September 25, 2015

Comic Characters

Bunch of personal trades. It's always fun to research the characters people want you to draw for them. First one is Tank girl, the other is Miho. The guys are Rude from Final Fantasy 7 and Mac from AD 2000. I've never read these comics so don't ask me who they are. :)
 I had to google Mystique as well, believe it or not. :)
Baby is growing up so fast. He'll be 8 moths old next week.

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  1. They are great characters. Happy PPF

  2. Other than tank girl I'd never heard of any of these but I've not doubt you've captured their likenesses perfectly! Hard to believe your wee man is 6 months old already!

  3. Mystique is powerful, her attitude is well to seen!
    All are excellent, you can draw!

  4. eight months have flown past and I looooove Tank girl... but a great bunch of cards!!!

  5. WOW! Tank GIRL ROCKS! Opps, sorry for the caps! It looks like Rude is getting his Turk photo taken (By the way, did you know that Final Fantasy 7 is being remade?). Mistique looks so cunning! The other two faces are cool too, I'll have to look them up!
    Have a wonderful PPF!

  6. fabulous character art! And wow-8mos? Not long before he'll be up walking:):)

  7. Hugs to that sweet bab
    Luv the cartoon characters.
    Happy PPF

    Much love...

  8. Wow eight months...quite shocking how fast that went...he'll be walking before we know it! Great sketches...wonderful variety!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Great ATC's and man it's unreal that the "Little Man " is 8 months old already ♥

  10. WOW I am so impressed with these pieces. Well done

  11. What interesting faces! Each has so much personality. Wonderful!

  12. LOVE your new work, Natasha ... you are so talented. So much character in each face. I'm 'trying' to begin blogging again .. so if you have time, please drop by for a visit. Nice to be here again. xo

  13. He is so cute! Time has went by so fast! Love the art!! You are so creative!


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