Friday, July 31, 2015

Foxy Foxes

I've been seeing a lot of foxes on the internet, especially tumblr and I had this drawing spree of foxes a couple of months ago, so I kind of suspected that maybe red fox was my new spirit animal. I talked about my spirit animals before which are wolf and stag deer.
But a couple of days ago I realized the fox is not my spirit animal but my boy's. He had these new socks on that have a red fox on the front and when I mentioned it to my hubby he said there are foxes on the skis as well that he got from our neighbor that day because her kids have already outgrown them. 

I was never drawn to foxes before apart from meeting a couple of them crossing the road on two different occasions on my way home at night. This weird attraction started after my boy was born. I even painted a fox for him purely by accident. 

When he was only a couple of months old he had this fascination with my paintings on the wall. They seem to sooth him so my hubby said I need to paint one just for him. I wasn't going to paint a whimsical girl for him so after a while I thought of painting a fox which felt right to me. It needed to be colorful for him as my boy was and still is drawn to bright colors, especially orange. So I found an old background and I painted the fox. :)
He's growing so fast.
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  1. I love all the fox signs for your boy, it certainly seems to have a significance for him. Foxes have been big news in the UK because of the whole fox hunting van and the government trying to repeal it. I love the colorful fox you painted for Tristan, it's gorgeous.

  2. So beautiful .. the foxes and your cute boy♥♥♥

  3. What cute kind looking foxed. I think they enjoy being togethet;-) Happy PPF♥

  4. What cute kind looking foxed. I think they enjoy being togethet;-) Happy PPF♥

  5. These are so cute and I love their "foxy" look (something about their facial expression). Happy PPF

  6. Natasha I love this post about Tristan's spirit animal. I bet you are right on...too many things pointing in that direction! Love the colourful one you painted for him! My daughter always loved colour too! Look at how long his legs are it's so fun to watch him grow! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art and beautiful boy!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I LOVE your foxes, they look like you just drew them so easily. Yes maybe this is the spirit animal. I believe that we all have spirit animals with us for however long we need them. Your little baby is getting so big and has a beautiful smile. Natasha Mae, you are an amazing artist! Big hugs and Happy PPF, Rasz

  8. What a fabulous foxy post... I adore foxes and your artwork is just adorable too.
    Gorgeous little cutie there.
    Enjoy your weekend and happy PPF to you

  9. they really do grow fast.
    fun that you have a special animal for him.
    your foxes are cute as can be.

  10. What a nice story about foxes and your little boy.
    I love all your fox illustrations here and the patterned one looks quite mischevious.

  11. Darling foxes, Natasha May. And of course your little one is just so precious. Apparently he has inherited Mama's artistic genes since he is already showing interest in art!

  12. He sure is growing. It is amazing what the universe puts out there for us to figure out. Blessings, Janet PPF


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