Friday, May 22, 2015

Zodiac Girls - Gemini, Cancer, Leo

A while ago I showed you the first Zodiac girls swap and here I continue with Gemini, Cancer and Leo. They are so much fun I can't wait to get all 12 of them. :)

On another note. Mosquitoes are beginning to bite. It's funny how you don't mind to put all kind of f-ed up chemicals on yourself and your environment but when you're a new mom, you start looking for alternatives. :) Yeah, so we're trying this essential oil called Terra Shield to see if it'll work with repelling bugs.

Here's another onesie I bought for the little one before he was born and he finally grew into it. :)

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  1. HI - See you have made a baby in the intervening years. Still creating sweet art too. Rosie

  2. Darling zodiac girls! And it's so nice to see Tristan growing and so happy each week. I have also heard that lavender oil helps keep the bugs away. I use it when I sit out in the evening and also burn a candle.

  3. How fun to create on a theme, and you've done it well. It also helps staying tuned, so to speak. That little one seems to be pleased, and as mum that's always a pleasure.

  4. sweet baby, luv your zodiac art

    happy PPF

    much love...

  5. Love your zodiacs...the Leo is adorable and I am the Gemini!! Adorable of Tristan, and if you can get a hold of " Avons, Skin so soft" loggers use it and the mosquitoes blanket their arms without biting's a womans oil perfume...I use it myself because they love me and I hate deet!! Hope your alternative works!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Your zodiac girls are awesome. Very nice and I love what baby is wearing. So sweet.

  7. Hi NatashaMae! Your Zodiac Girls are so cool! They would make great gifts for a new baby framed in their room. And of course would be awesome for women too! Can't wait to see Pisces! I will have to keep checking back. I am following up on PPF. I got a late start yesterday. Big Hugs, Rasz

  8. Oh I forgot to mention how cute your little one is. He looks like such a happy baby! I read Giggles comment about Avon's Skin So Soft. My youngest son was extremely allergic to mosquitoes when he was a baby until just a few years ago. Skin So Soft really kept the bugs away and kept summers safe for him.


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