Friday, May 1, 2015

Whimsical Rainbow PAT

This was a really fun swap where we had to use rainbow colors for our themes.
1. Whimsical Cityscapes
2. Whimsical Girls
3. Cute monsters throwing up rainbows
4. Mushrooms
I needed a decent photo of our boy for a photo canvas so we had a little photo session last Sunday. He was so adorable and enjoying himself. He wouldn't keep still so his hands or/and legs are a blur on almost all the photos. :) I just love his face on this one. The hat went over the eye and it shocked him. :)

Linking to Paint Party Friday.
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  1. What an adorable photo..he is such a doll!! Great rainbow the city scape!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Your art is gorgeous and he is just ADORABLE!
    Happy PPF!

  3. Kok je že velik tale tvoj fantič :-) Super fotka :-)
    Lp Danii

  4. Love the city and mushrooms best in your project. The baby is just adorable! Did he cry after the shock of the hat attack!?

  5. I love these rainbow illustrations - especially the monster throwing up rainbows - gross and cute all at the same time!! Your wee man is so cute - love that expression!

  6. Love your raimbows, Natasha!
    And you little boy is growing up fast! :)

  7. Ooh, rainbow colours .... that's my kind of thing :-) Your boy is so cute with his hat over one eye...

  8. Lovely rainbow paintings, Natasha May. Thanks for showing off your baby. He is adorable.

  9. Rainbows! Always fun! ♥
    I love this photo too, he is adorable heheheh

  10. LOVE the rainbow art, and your little Tristan is just too cute!

  11. Oh my goodness, what a fun swap! If I was a gnome, I'd live in your mushrooms, but since I'm not, I am moving to your city! A very fun baby picture too:-)

  12. This entire post made me so happy ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  13. What a fabulous photo of your baby, such an expression on his face.
    Love your rainbow ATC's, you are so good at these.

  14. Love those rainbow little paintings - I am so fond of cityscapes and yours is so wonderful! That little boy is such a cutie - love the expression!

  15. such a cute baby boy!

    fun rainbow pieces, so creative.
    lovely spring to you!

  16. luv what you did with the rainbow theme; and thanks for sharing your adorable baby; happy you dropped by my blog

    much love...


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