Friday, May 29, 2015

Kawaii cute and some leftover winter

Old cards for a PAT swap last year. Weird selection, I know. :) PAT is a Pick-a-theme swap where you get 5 players in one group and each gets to choose a theme they want other players to do ATCs on.

Themes here were kawaii animal, kawaii food, animal wearing winter scarf and something blue. Kawaii means cute, usually with big eyes. :)

And look what's on my living room wall. :) It's a photo canvas of our little boy disguised as Mickey Mouse. :) And below is the commissioned piece of all my pets.

Linking to Paint Party Friday.
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  1. I had never heard of Kawaii before but your ATC illustrations are perfect for that description!

  2. Love your illustrations and that giraffe is just gorgeus!

  3. Cute illustrations. I had not heard the term kawall before. Cute pic of your boy.

  4. Your ATC's are fun. Love your commission pieces. Awesome also your son. Take care and Happy PPF!

  5. Wish I could see your wall in person. Your little one is a precious doll. And I love all the pets in the portrait.

  6. the photo canvas is adorable and the canvas of your pets stunning... and how you get to do any painting at all with a new baby astounds me!!!

  7. Aweeeeee, HOW cute is he??? And such a fun idea - have never heard of Kawaii - I like it! SO happy to have you find the SOC - I hope you can play again ;) xoxo

  8. Oh so adorable, the Tristan as Micky and the animals!! Love it. My kitchen was that exact colour for several years!! Still love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. I'll admit it, I came here just to see your baby lol he is so adorable!!!


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